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Who Am I: Good Leader

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Who Am I: Good Leader essay
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I am deeply honored to be among the outstanding students who are being considered for the National Juniors Honors Society. I believe that this program does great things in the community, and I believe I can play a part in furthering the impression that is made. I possess and exceed all the qualities required by this prestigious program, such as scholarship, citizenship, leadership, character, and service abilities.

If I were chosen as a member of NJHS, I could truly bring forth positive changes for society. I have worked hard and profusely to be worthy of the trust that my teachers have placed in me due to my exemplary character. I would describe myself as a determined, empathetic, resilient, and motivated person who finds passion in helping others and solving complex problems with team effort.

I sincerely believe that these character traits define who people are—while highly influencing the decisions made in their lives. I consider myself to possess all the characteristics of an excellent candidate for NJHS. I embrace all the differences within a group of individuals that ironically bring us closer. I have a positive attitude towards everything that is helpful when communicating with others. This suggests that I recognize the importance of always doing my best so I could shape my life into what I would like it to be and I could continuously challenge myself for the benefit of not only myself, but for others.

Leaders shape the structure of our nations, communities, and organizations. We need great leaders to help guide us and make the significant large-scale decisions that keep the world in tact. I am a leader amongst my peers and I constantly set an example by which they should follow in and outside of the classroom. I am responsible and I continue to hold myself accountable for any type of schoolwork that I may need to complete at home. I also hold myself accountable for any mistakes I make. In my eyes I see mistakes as another opportunity to learn, which I love to do.

In order to for an individual to be proclaimed a “good leader”, I believe one must possess a few leadership qualities. For example, in Mrs. Morrey’s 7th grade Science Class, we got to do a project that consisted of building a prosthetic hand out of cardboard in which my group came up with the best design compared to our classmates. Our design of this prosthetic hand incorporated a wrist, which very few people had thought of. In Band, I was entrusted by Mr. Woodson and my classmates with the responsibility of leading and conducting the band while Mr. Woodson was absent. In Mrs. Russell’s 7th grade Math Class, I quickly grasped onto topics taught in the class which lead me to help my peers if they needed assistance or if they had questions about the topic we were learning.

Through these opportunities and many other projects in all classes, I was able to be a leader amongst my peers. Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Leader includes the ability to delegate, communication, self-awareness, responsibility, learning agility, influence, empathy, courage, and respect. Over the course of many years, different teams, projects, situations, and organizations required me to apply these skills in different ways. Gradually, I have come to learn that great leaders recognize that it takes a great team to be successful. So, they lead from an area of influence rather than authority. By doing that, they can start to make a positive impact in their group and the world.

Who Am I: Good Leader essay

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