Time Management and Self-Efficacy Among Students

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Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic:

Self-efficacy affected every human endeavor, which determines their beliefs on what will be the result or effect on the challenges that they encountered in life. It also involves determination to overcome obstacle by achieving their goals. Having high-efficacy can lead you to success and achieve your goals in life while low-efficacy can lead you in failure.

According to Albert Bandura he said that self-efficacy concerned with people’s beliefs their own function and over events that affect their lives. Beliefs in personal efficacy affect life choices, level of motivation, quality of functioning. They include mastery experience seeing people similar to oneself manage task demands successfully, social persuasion that on has the capabilities to succeed in given activities and inferences somatic and emotional states indicative of personal strengths and vulnerabilities. The sense of efficacy is to sustain the preserving effort needed to succeed.

The general problem of this study is: How students can improve their self-efficacy for them to achieved their goals in life?

Expected Contribution to the Growth of Knowledge in Self-Efficacy

Many students achieved their goals for being high self-efficacy, being self- confident can improved academic performance. The researcher believes that self-efficacy will help a person to be successful. The result of this study aimed to know the students that self-efficacy is important in the field of education and also in the future.

Through this study, students that has low self- efficacy will be aware and will developed their self- efficacy, for them to achieve their goals. But it needs to give some efforts.

The result of this study will help the students to develop the trust to their capabilities. It could build stronger confidence, motivation and drive to have more chances of achieving their desires and objectives in life.


Albert Bandura Oc is a Canadian-American Psychologist who is the David Starr Jordan Professor Emeritus of social science in Psychology at Satanford University.

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