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Changes in Banking Organizational Structures

Abstract This paper explores the changes in organizational structures that have been implemented in five domains of banking, workplace transformation, technology, education, and qualified industrial zone. Physical space and physical settings can have significant impact on the attitudes and behaviors of customer engagement experience in banking sector, physical structures are particularly important in reflecting banking…


Organizational Structure

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Business Internal and External Environment 

Meaning of Business Environment The connection of internal and external constituent that factors a company`s operating situation. Business environment have two sub environment. There are internal environment and external environment. Internal Environment Internal environment is Includes all factors inside the organizations. Internal factors are controlled by the organizations. Internal factors with in the organizations. Internal…


Business Management,

Organizational Structure

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Types of Management Theories

Introduction We have to know what MANAGEMENT is. And why this management needed in some type of organization. It is element coordinates currents organizational activities and plans for the future. As well, adapts the organizations to its environment and shapes the organizations to make it more suitable to the organization. There has been a research…


Organizational Structure

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Case Study: IT Corporation

Question one From the case study, as every division is having a separate architecture and system, value of operation would be more. By having a shared provider mannequin for the IT the fundamental gain for the Nationstate insurance is cost savings, as it will eliminate undesirable software and have common software program and structures throughout…

Case Study,


Organizational Structure

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Importance of Corporate Culture

It also conveys a sense of identity for organization members; it facilitates commitment to something larger than individual self-interest; and lastly, it enhances the stability of the social system (Robbins and Judge, 2018). Ehteshamul and Muhammad (2011) asserted that corporate culture helps members of the organisation to understand what the firm stands for, its operation,…

Corporate Social Responsibility,

Culture and Communication,

Organizational Culture,

Organizational Structure,


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Importance of Teamwork in Organizations

Teams are formed when a group of individuals come and work together to complete a common goal. Teams play a extremely important role in organizations as well as our personal lives. To be successful in the professional and world, you need to be able to work well with others, which is why teamwork is important….

Organizational Structure,


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Is Teamwork in an Organization is Beneficial or not ?

Teams are pervasive in today’s world, and rightfully, so we need them. We need them in every aspect of our lives like hospitals, sports, schools, oil rigs and military services etc. Team can be defined as a group of individuals who work collectively to achieve the same purposes and goals to provide excellent quality of…

Organizational Structure,


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Internships as Organizational Strategy

In employer’s prospect, hiring from Internship pool is more efficient that hiring from standard resume pool from the market. Employees converted through Internships has more retention rate and less turnover. Voluntary employee turnover is expensive. Companies that successfully retain the best and brightest employees save money and protect their intellectual capital. Traditional approaches to understanding…


Organizational Structure

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