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Understanding of Job Satisfaction

Introduction As there are many different researched topics throughout I/O psychology, job satisfaction happens to be the most researched. Everyone has a job and everyone gets something out of it at the end of the day, whether it is a positive feeling or a negative aspect towards the job and we all have our own…

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Does Extraversion Have an Effect on Job Performance and Satisfaction?

This paper examines a research study about personality and job performances; comparing the study to two other similar articles, alongside the findings and hypotheses that has been created out of them. This paper also observes the mediating role of job satisfaction and the Big Five relationship. We also used the methods of the Big Five…

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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

The literature focus on the study of the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment and the selected antecedents of job satisfaction of the employees of insurance industry. A psychological relation between the employee and organization that make it less likely that the employee will itself leave the organization. The values along with social emotional…


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Job Security vs Job Satisfaction

Why do college students switch their majors, most of the time, to majors that are not related to their first choice in career? Do students change their majors because they simply realized they could not see themselves in that career? Or is it because they want a better paying job? As someone who came from…


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Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

There can be several reasons for Graham’s being unhappy and his attitude to spread. If a person is going through hardship in his personal life, then it will likely reflect his professional life. Graham may be facing some personal issues such as a family dispute, fight with his brother or sister, the recent death of…

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Role of Personality in Job Satisfaction and Career Success

Personality in general can be described as the component of characteristics or qualities that shapes the unique character of an individual. Even though we intuitively use the term ‘personality’ in daily life, psychology still needs to obtain a definition of consensus. Another well-known definition is the one of Allport, which suggests that personality is the…


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Career Planning and Related Occupations

Introduction Holland (1997) believed that career planning and occupation choice were an important aspect of job-satisfaction. Holland’s theory divided people into six ‘Holland’ types: Realistic (machines-focused), Investigative (science-mathematical focused), Artistic (freely-focused), Social (others-focused), Enterprising (power-focused) and Conventional (orderly-focused) which together can be abbreviated as the RIASEC (Holland, 1997). However, there were also two important goals…

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Job Satisfaction

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Leadership Styles and Its Effect on Job Satisfaction

Leadership is defined as leading a certain group of peoples to achieve desired target or goal. Whereas, leadership styles are referred as the attitude or approach of people toward their employee or sub-ordinates. Leadership styles are not forced. They are adopted according to the demand and requirement of the organization and its job. Leadership has…

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Leadership Styles

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