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Construction Management

Introduction Construction as everyone knows is known to move slowly and very ineffectively but with the introduction of the right technology it could change the way construction operates. The field of construction management needs to implement new technology, because it could increase efficiency of workers, and it would help the industry grow with the new…


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How Construction Has Changed

Changes are necessary in society because as time goes on things are evolving so that means we need to as humans do to. One thing that has changed a lot over the course of history is Construction. For instance, the type of materials of that is used on buildings have changed. Safety standards have changed…


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Robots Used in Home Construction Industry

A new trend in home construction involves the use of robots. Recently, a Tokyo-based research facility known as ASIT developed the first humanoid robot that installs drywall. In the United States, there are companies that use robots and machines to create builder-specific house frames with windows, plumbing, insulation, and electrical wires. The walls, roof, and…


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