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Mandatory Volunteering is Bad Opinion Essay

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Community Service


Today, many high school require long hours of volunteering service in order to graduate high schools. Volunteering should be something you choose and really want to do and have time for. One reason why mandatory volunteering bad is that it would take lot away from their free time. Kids are very preoccupied with school, extracurricular…

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Benefits of Volunteerism in Youth for Individuals and Society

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Community Service


When individuals give apart of themselves for others through volunteering communities can become stronger. Volunteerism not only can make communities stronger but also the individuals involved. Youth volunteering goes across a wide spectrum from building a house for Habitat for Humanity to volunteering in a soup kitchen to donating clothes or food to a homeless…

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What is Volunteering? Application

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Introduction Today there is an overwhelming need for help in health care settings like nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient clinics because of the short staff. Volunteering can be as simple as volunteering for 2 hours and helping to do paperwork, check patients in, read letters to the patient. There are many benefits to volunteering. Volunteering…

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American Red Cross Essay

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My choice of service-learning is the American Red Cross. I had actually joined the Red Cross junior year of high school for the National Honor Society and continued to volunteer throughout the rest of my high school career. The opportunity to be a part of a community of dedicated volunteers and leaders is what drew…

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Volunteer Experience at the Esplanade and Very Special Arts

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The volunteer experience at the Esplanade was more positive than the experience at Very Special Arts (VSA) for the following reasons. The instructions given at the Esplanade were clearer than the ones given at VSA. There was also more support and supervision given at the Esplanade. Compared to VSA, the volunteersโ€™ welfare was better-taken care…

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My Volunteering Experience at the Humane Society

Pages 3 (648 words)

Personal Experiences


The Humane Society is a place where cats and dogs without homes live until they can find a permanent household to live in. I made the choice to volunteer there because I really love animals and I have such a passion of wanting all animals to get to live in a good and loving house….

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Volunteering Is Important for Young People

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Smiling is an international language. We mostly resist working complimentary. Loads of people rather to get salary when job is done than working by volunteer. The world deserves to be well-kept with others living there. Volunteering is a common thing nowadays where considerable amount of young and old people are strugling to fix mess we…

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It is Time to Volunteer!

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Volunteering is in a decade-long decline in the United States (โ€œBLSโ€). The population volunteering has decreased by four percent from 2005 to 2015 (โ€œBLSโ€). Four percent would look like a few percentages that do not have a critical impact on the whole volunteerism in the United States. However, unfortunately, four percent is 13 million fewer…

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Experience of Volunteering at St Vincent de Paul Narrative Essay

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Reflection Essay of Employability in Action Module Reflection written based on the voluntary experience done at St Vincent de Paul (SVP) as a part of the requirement for the Employability in Action module. Introduction and Planning I chose to volunteer at St Vincent de Paul (SVP) founded in Ireland in 1844. It is the largest…

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Volunteering in Health Care Field

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Health Care


Medical voluntourism can be characterized as short trips abroad to developing countries to provide voluntary medical care. As medical school acceptance rates and urges are increasing year by year, many students look for ways to make their applications stand out from the rest, and what helps more than volunteer hours serving in the countries of…

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