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Customer Service Audit

Customer service audit is used as a means of evaluating the level of service a company is providing and as a benchmark for assessing the impact of change in customer service policies. The objective of an audit are to identify critical customer service elements. Steps in Performing a Customer Service Audit Step 1: Establish a…




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Customer Service Elements

Introduction Customer service elements are commonly associated with the customer service. The degree of importance attached to any element may vary from company to company depending on customer needs. These elements can be categorised in three components pre-transaction, transaction element and post transaction elements. Pre Transaction Element According to ( stock & lambert) pre-transaction element…




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Customer Service Experience

The service experience is recognized as an intangible service offering. Through the experiential exchange the customer may experience delight, if interest, affect and arousal are triggered. The customer’s created emotion is the output for the intangible service experience. Research has revealed that the interpersonal interaction occurring between customer and service representative is in fact the…




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Boston Town Car Service

It is very necessary to have a helping hand while you are traveling in Boston town. car service helps you in traveling while your ride is for business or pleasure purpose. Master livery car services are very helpful for everyone in making their rides comfortable. Almost everyone is afraid of traffic and parking issues while…




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Definition of Customer Service

Introduction Customer service can be outlined in many ways, in line with ( stock & Lambert ,2001:98) customer service can be defined as the process of for providing significant value added benefits to the supply chain in a cost effective way. It is the process which takes place between the buyer, seller and the third…




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The Power of Service

I believe there is power in service. Service to our fellow man has the power to unite individuals, families, communities, and nations. I think of the police officers, firefighters, and our military who risk their lives to help others. They do this for people they do not know and may never meet. They serve because…



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My Service Work Experience

Through my experiences with service opportunities, my perspective of service has changed and grown tremendously. “Service is not possible unless it is rooted in love and ahimsa. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This quote is by Mahatma Gandhi. He believed that by living a life…

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My evaluation of Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant

“When you ‘wait’ for a server in a restaurant, doesn’t that make you the ‘waiter?” Author Unknown. Logan’s Roadhouse is a popular restaurant. “A laidback, “come as you are” kind of place where you can crack open a cold one, throw your peanut shells on the floor and enjoy steakhouse quality meat in the comfort…





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The Importance of Bridges for People

Bridges are a very important impact on people who travel, commute to work, etc. Bridges need to be made safely and correctly in order for it to fulfil its duty to being a easy way of transportation for people to get from one place to another. Bridges have been known to collapse or fall down…




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Importance of Empathy in Human Services

Skills are required for any professional to be effective in their field of expertise. Human services are no exception. In fact, the skills required are so varied that the length of this paper could not contain all that are necessary. For purposes here, we will examine the importance of empathy; not only as required for…

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