Coworker and Difficult Workplace Personalities

Updated May 29, 2021

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Coworker and Difficult Workplace Personalities essay

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Coworkers, in general, can be insensitive to the point where their attitude is considered to be seen as ungracious and disrespectful. Working itself is hard enough and can cause much stress which could lead to depression and anxiety. Facing the constant drama that happens at the workplace can have tremendous significant damage to a person’s emotional, physical, and mental conditions.

There are many types of difficult workplace personalities that I have to deal with such as gossiping, laziness, cynical, paranoid, selfish, imperious, and so on. These personalities negatively affect workers individually as well as the entire organizations. Dealing with difficult co-workers with uncontrollable personalities at work is challenging due to their poor work ethic and gloomy behaviors, which results in a stressful work environment.

In every workplace, we all experience stressful work situations caused by difficult co-workers which can be challenging and exasperating. For instance, I work with a group of employees who always gossip or negatively talk about other people behind their backs. They whether talk about the management or the people they are surrounded by.

One of the reasons why they negatively speak behind their backs is to show that they are trying to deflect the attention away from their poor work performances. Sometimes I found myself as a victim of the issue. An example from my own experience would be when I coincidently heard a group of my co-workers was offensively discussing how I was getting overtime, and they didn’t. They made salty comments and stating that they did not like me.

With that being said, this group of people is found in many workplaces. This particular behavior often happens out of their insecurities; the drama and rumors will likely occur in order to entertain themselves. I, personally, not a big fan of drama because it is not only time-consuming, but it is also draining and frustrating. Especially when there are job duties that need to be completed. Therefore, I strongly believe this type of behavior is considered to be one of the most common issues that appear at the workplaces.

Another example of difficult co-workers based on a real-life experience would be dealing with the pessimists; a group of employees who only focus on putting themselves and others in negative situations in general. In other words, they tend to see or believe in the worst aspect of things. I am surrounded by the individuals every day at work; they stressfully make me feel emotional discomfort and hopelessness. Most of the time when we are asked to complete a task, my co-workers would start making complains about it even though it is just a simple task.

Because of all the negativity that spread around, I do not enjoy being part of the group. In addition to this gloomy behavior, this type of employees are also paranoid and constantly suspecting everyone around them. Indeed, these conflicts can easily lead to anxiety and depression. As a result, they will strongly have a tough time dealing with difficult situations or tasks and will most likely remove themselves from the establishments due to their expectation of the worst.

With all being said, dealing with difficult co-workers with uncontrollable personalities at work is challenging due to their poor work ethic and gloomy behaviors, which results in a stressful work environment. However, these consequences can be solved by taking proper actions. Firstly, we need to arrange the appropriate time to talk about their issues and concerns to clarify any misunderstandings.

Secondly, offer helps to make sure that they are no drama or rumors left behind. Lastly, communicate with supervisors or Human Resources to inform them about any incidents that might affect my rights as an employee and for the safety purposes at the workplace. These are just a few solutions that one can solve and make a difference in the workplace.

Coworker and Difficult Workplace Personalities essay

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