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The Importance Of Independent Choice Of Profession

Deciding on a profession or career path is an important milestone in an individual’s life. While some people argue that young individuals should make their own decisions when choosing a profession, others, however, state that parents should make that choice for them. Personally, I believe that making independent choices is very important in a person’s…




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My Future Profession In The Healthcare Setting

The significance of writing skills in my future profession in the medical field is very important due to the fact that anyone working in the medical field must be able to write in a legible manner, have the ability to write effectively, and to be able to help with written communication to further help patients….


My Future,


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The Profession of Dentistry

Introduction Dentistry has come a long way, from the ancient “toothers” of Egypt to today’s modern Doctors of Dental Surgery. Although primitive dentists did not have access to resources such as electricity, X-rays, and even running water, they discovered ways to treat others, which today’s professionals make good use of (Carefree Dental, 2016). Nowadays, dentists…



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Profession Improvement

Parker and Wright (2011) in his exploration work Pay and worker duty: the missing connection, saw that One of the manners in which associations face the issue of the accessibility of qualified HR is to help representatives to build up their very own professions and increment fulfillment with their vocations inside the organization. Profession Satisfaction…



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Advocation in Counseling Profession

Advocation in the professional field of counseling is highly needed in the field and by learning different strategies it won’t be as difficult to do so. This assignment will allow will help me develop a position statement that will present facts and opinions on this topic to help educate my readers. For this assignment, I…

Mental Health,


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Love for Medicine Profession

Medicine is a science of health dedicated to the study of life. Health, diseases, and death of the human being and involve exercising knowledge of this science for the maintenance and recovery of health; applying it to diagnosis and cure of diseases. Far from how we know it today, Medicine had its origins in prehistory,…



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PR Profession Report

Through this paper I will be discussing the size, mission, vision, services, and organization culture in Barracuda Public Relations in El Paso, TX. I will provide a description of the individuals who are responsible for PR efforts and why I feel this organization serves as a good example to explore PR practices. I will be…



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Pros and Cons of Profession Planning

It is the Employee’s duty to deal with his or her very own career, while it is the businesses’ obligation to furnish representatives with the devices and chances to upgrade their abilities. The end objective anyway stays, for the organizations to have a profession flexible workforce, one that has independent laborers who are fit for…

Career planning,


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Responsibility to the Social Worker Profession 

As social workers, we care about people hence why we chose this profession. We want them to live the best life they possibly can. And as social workers- we are sure we know what the best choices are to get what we view as the best life. In most cases it turns out though that…


Social Work

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Medical Science Profession: Immunologist

Some patients still prefers a treatment or service from a doctor than a high-tech machines, for some of them they trust more to a doctor to cure, diagnose, finding a solution for their disease, especially about their inner body disorders such as immune abnormality, that’s why immunologist are ready to make patients with immune abnormality…



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What any student ponders upon is choosing the right profession. Some might even doubt their choice along the way, and some might change their course halfway through just because they feel like it is not rewarding enough. To figure it out, you might want to write a profession essay to see how it goes for you personally. Try to evaluate your choice, see what opportunities it provides, analyze your career path, and see whether it is the right fit for you. Writing an essay profession, you might want to pay attention to different factors: how it pays, is it satisfying, is there a high demand for it, is there a high competition? If you have several options, you may go for a compare professions essay to see which of those options is a better fit for you. The money is not all, though, you should also try to determine whether that profession is going to be satisfying for you in the long run. You don’t want to be miserable at work, so you should try to find one that would give you emotional satisfaction too.

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