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Reasons why I Want to be a Social Worker

My passions to make a difference in the life’s of people, comes from watching my mom getting help from her social worker. My family, specifically my mom , has always had a great impact on my life choices. My mother is an amazing woman that has been a victim of both physical and mental abuse….

Higher Education,


Social Work

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History of Social Work in New Zealand

The focus of this essay is to take you through an outline on the history of social work in Aotearoa New Zealand, while defining social work and the purpose it holds. Included in this essay will be a discussion on how social work developed, progressed and has been amended throughout the years. Some of the…



Social Work

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How Social Work Developed as Profession

Introduction The aim of this essay is to discuss various stages of how social work developed as a profession to rendering services from giving poor relief. Close attention is going to be paid to the impact and changes brought by industrialisation as well as the response from different countries to it. This will be achieved…


Social Work

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History of Social Work Profession and Its Importance

This essay presents, briefly, the importance of the profession of social worker from the beginning to the present day. Against the importance of their work, what has been proven over time, professionalization in social worker came very late. The first step to understand this profession you need to look long ago. This profession has a…


Social Work

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Hospice Social Work

Hospice has dated back since biblical times and has been adopted all over the world. Cicely Saunders, a medical social worker and nurse from London, opened the first modern hospice called St. Joseph’s Hospice, to professionally administer pain management and provide a compassionate caregiving to the dying. Following the hospice movement, the US opened St….

Health Care,


Social Work

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My Interest in the Social Work Profession

As one of the modern day Majors, Social Work is for sure one of the majors that anyone interested in contributing towards the realization of a better society by fighting for justice and equality will really want to study. My interest in the social work profession became apparent after I got my first position as…


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What is My Motivation to be a Social Worker

Social work is something I have been interested in especially working with children and adolescents. Helping children is something I am passionate about because I feel that children come with so much opportunity for growth, they come full of wonder and passion. Helping children have access to the tools they need to maximize their potential…


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Pioneers of Social Work

Pioneers are the ones who set the mold for their field, they start the trend. There are hundreds of pioneers in social work, each one of their roles ranging from just their actions toward other people to the programs they set up. Three pioneer stuck out though, one was just someone who fought for social…


Social Work

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Analysis of Management and Leadership Skills

As simplified by Lýdia (2017), the job of social work truly depends on what field of social work they are working in. There are around ten authority fields of social work, and the positions contrast in every one of these fields. A portion of the fields incorporates kid assurance, clinical social work, school social work,…


Leadership Development,

Social Work

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The Conscious Parent: Reflection Paper

The paper will reflect on the book The Conscious Parent, by Shefali Tsabary Ph.D. First, three chapters will be critically and reflectively analyzed through three different viewpoints. To add, my parent’s, a future parent myself, and as a future, Social Worker viewpoints would be examined. In conclusion, The Conscious Parent will be applied to the…

Child Abuse,

Corporal Punishment,

Social Work

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