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Work from Home: Privilege to Necessity

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Work from Home: Privilege to Necessity essay
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‘Though we all tend towards being westernized, but some things still doesn’t change within our heart, and one such thing is Clock ticking to 9, attendance in the office’,

We all say ‘Change is the only thing which never changes but to change a mindset a few generations may take’ Although we the western world has introduced this already a decade back but only a 10% of working population has completely adapted to this culture. Moreover, we Asians, are never not used to this. We all feel not a day complete without entering the office premises and we even tend to stay extra hours within the premises for various facilities!!

Coming to employers, we all are brought in a culture of monitoring and surveillance, at least within the office. A simple working style in any organisation is ‘A Manager looks after Team leads, Team leads looks after agents and someone looks after the Manager and this cycle goes on.’ In this case, the employers feel that employees should work in front of their eyes like teacher monitoring their students during exams, and hence ‘Wok from home was considered a Privilege’.

We all know, even pregnant women usually came to the office for work until the maternity leave.

Having used to this culture, It was highly difficult to change the mindset but suddenly with no choice, we turn to work from home. ‘Here, not as a Privelage but in necessity’

However, can we leave everything in the Hands of Employee?

We all know India is undergoing a huge experiment in a large base for future work. Its now the time and necessity came for HR to rethink on how optimize their workforce.

The major hindrance for HR to allow work from home is they are skeptical about the productivity of the employee and how to monitor the day to the task. However, with technology there are various software’s that has come for rescue to monitor employees progress in the work and it calculates their efficiency of them. Now, it’s easier to track it for the HRs than never before.

ZOHO, a Chennai based IT firm has a workforce of 10,000 across the globe with majority in Chennai. They moved the entire employees to Work from home even before the government declared a shutdown. Adding to this, within a short span, the organisation came up with a software bundle ZOHO Remotely (Free till month of July) helping other organisations in the crisis period.

Apart, there are N number of software’s which helps HR to monitor the productivity of his employee. Software’s available calculates how much time an employee has been spent in each application providing a perfect reporting capabilities. However, Micro-management comes only with necessity. Even it show the real picture to employee how much he is effective and productive which helps him to analyse the areas where he need to concentrate more to improve better and strategize accordingly for future works.

The above situation is not only for the IT industry but for all the other business verticals, like bank, Education, etc. The Day to Day task can be discussed over video conference applications like Zoho Meeting, Zoom, MS teams, slack, etc., ‘There are differences, of course—you can’t feed off each other’s energies, take physical cues or use body language it’s a whole different genre, and it’s really exciting for us to challenge ourselves with it.”

While the ‘Work from home’ concept has been popularised by many Silicon Valley tech giants, and there few companies which allows work from anywhere concept also where employees free to be in any part of globe and work. But work from home culture was yet to catch on in Asian and India as a regular feature, even in the more agile start-up space. In its current form, the option to work remotely was largely being offered to gig workers.

It was unavailable to most full-time staff unless the location demanded it. The factors included Internet connectivity for employees, software support, machine support, Shift management etc. However, everything had to change course almost overnight

For HR in any company the greatest task to hire right talent to the job requirements and retain them. This work from home has opened the doors to HR to pick right talent from ocean pool of talents available in the country. The reason being many recruiters though many jobs cannot be done remotely so they looked from fewer options. Now that door has been opened. Now it only need to pick right person for right profile.

Even companies started on boarding virtually. A huge drastic change in traditional offline process. Because everyone time waits for none so they need to act expeditiously.

According to its recent research done by Gartner, by 2030, the demand for remote work will increase by 30 percent due to the Generation-Z fully entering the workforce; it adds that 64 percent of today’s professionals say they could work anywhere and remote work policies are in place at 71 percent of organizations.

India has 150 million people 27 with disabilities, of which 70 million are employable; but 98 percent remain unemployed. That is a substantial amount of untapped talent.

It is a huge opportunity for HR’s to hire talented people to their companies for the various posts so far which they thought to need physical presence now not anymore.

Moreover, many women who have left their job to take care of their small kids can resume their work now.Every one felt work from home is for GIG economy people but it is not only for part-timers from now onwards to for Full-timers as well. COVID-19 is definitely a catalyst for biggest workplace transformations of our life time. Everything will be different in new normal starting from how we work, approach a problem, shop, learn and finally where we are going to work would be changed forever.

Work from Home: Privilege to Necessity essay

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Work from Home: Privilege to Necessity. (2021, May 29). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/work-from-home-privilege-to-necessity/


What are the constraints of working from home?
Distractions at home . Workplace disconnect. Disproportionate work-life balance. Less face time.
What are the top 2 benefits of working from home?
Working from home pros and cons Less commuting time. More autonomy. Greater flexibility. Better work–life balance. Higher productivity. Increased motivation. Reduced staff turnover. Reduced need for office space.
What benefit have you derived from working from home?
Improved staff health and wellbeing - working from home eliminates the need for a commute to work that can be stressful to your employees. Time savings such as this also enables staff to get extra health benefits such as additional sleep, spending more time with family, exercising or preparing healthier meals.
What is the biggest advantage of working from home?
Advantages of working from home saving you money - save on start-up costs, as you do not need to buy or rent business premises. saving you time - save time that would be spent on looking for suitable business property. more flexibility - avoid becoming tied into long term tenancy agreements.
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