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Why I Interested about Graphic Design

I’ve always been a creative person who likes to explore and experience different things, I’ve always been into computers and IT since I was a child even though growing up I realized that the computer was just the tool with what I wanted to express myself. Creating and experimenting have always been my motivations, in…

Graphic Design

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Advertising and Graphic Design

Advertising is the most compelling medium of mass appreciations we have ever known. Because advertising is seen everywhere, it can be very easy to forget that only a few sorts of ideas ever do get printed (the school of life). Advertising budgets are reserved for large areas of modern life such as the ads on…


Graphic Design

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Career in Graphic Design

Graphic design is the definition of a modern art form, but it has been around for centuries. Companies use graphic design to communicate with the consumer by using computer softwares to create captivating imagery that stands out. Some of the most common applications for graphic design are advertisements, product packaging, magazine layouts, flyers, brochures, and…


Graphic Design

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Revolution of Graphic Design

The evolution of graphic design in typography, symbols, colors and images brings us back to the revolution history, and the impact of those changes throughout the years. However, in order to have a full understanding how design works through interface and interaction, we need to take a look back into the history of design, along…

Graphic Design

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4 Trends in Graphic Design

The Graphic design industry is continuously evolving and on every single day there is an onset of a new trend. This article takes a look into the newest trends fir Infographics design this year. The design trend for Infographics is way more different from other any type of graphic works. For conventional artwork, creativity, typography…

Graphic Design

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Assessment Human-Computer Interaction

This chapter will discuss the previous and current studies in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). It elaborates HCI studies that related to usability evaluation models in general, and specifically for mobile applications. Additionally, it details the studies related to usability problems of mobile applications for visually impaired users. Finally, proposing conceptual usability evaluation model for mobile…


Graphic Design,



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