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Goal Setting in Academic Success

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities – always see them, for they’re always there” (Bluestein, 2010). Academic success for students nowadays tends to be directly correlated to a student’s ability to have a plan for their success. Having a plan entails…

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Importance of Goal Setting for Athletes

As we all know being an athlete is not an easy nor stress free profession. There is a lot of pressure in the athlete’s shoulders; from their coaches, from their fans, from their sponsors and of course their family.  We all know that a good coach will set up a great training plan for his…

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Four Simple Rules of Successful Goal Setting

l setting is a powerful process for holding yourself accountable for your future. By setting goals, you concentrate your efforts on a specific objective. Without goals, you lack focus and are unable to track your progress. A lack of focus maximizes distractions that can derail you from reaching your ultimate destination. Here are four simple…

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Improving Performance with Difficult Goal Setting and Feedback

Abstract When it comes to improving performance there have been several studies to help create effective framework towards helping others reaching their goals. This study was conducted to see how families could reduce overall energy consumption in their homes. Families were chosen from a planned community who lived in identical housing units. Half the families…

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Goal Setting Theory: Beware, Humans Involved

Goal setting theory offers that specific and challenging goals, along with appropriate feedback, can significantly drive behavior and enhance performance. This widely studied, accepted and adopted theory suggests that employees will show increased effort, focus, persistence and exhibit inquisitiveness of task-related knowledge, skills and strategies. The idea is that the more specific and more challenging…

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Goal Setting for the Purpose of Sports

Goal setting is a common part of living life used by most everyone for most everything dealing with living. We as humans set goals in everyday life such as I’m going to get eight hours of sleep tonight. I will save $200 each payday, for my retirement. I can run to the next street sign…

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