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Necessity of Basic Skills Test

What is a basic skills test? A basic skills test is a test on what you learned on how do to many things you need to do as an adult. A basic skills test consits of verbal and quatnative questions. They both supply employers with a large spectrum of your personal skills,abilites and strengths. Basically…

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High School,


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Corellation Between Time Managementand Self-Management

When you think about “time management,” what comes to mind? The word “management” stands for that how we are using the time, as we all are so lazy to manage Our schedule. We all were depending on the other person for making Our schedule. This also proves that there is a degree of decision‐making involved,…

Self Motivation,


Time Management

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Leadership Approach Analysis

“Leadership is that the process whereby a leader influences a group of people to realize a standard goal” (Northouse, 2016, p. 33). Leadership is very significant to company as employees need someone to look, learn and grow with. Every leader has their own style and way of influencing individuals. The four main approaches are trait,…


Leadership Styles,


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Life Ambition and Success

Everyone want success and has their own ambition in life. Success can be a accomplishment if you have own aim or purpose. If you want success, you should accomplish your goal of life. If the person excellent in academic, also have a good academic qualification and successful in life. is where that person is able…

Academic Goals,




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Ways to Improve Cooking Skills

As stated the hobby of choice to be second career is cooking. The first step to really improve your cooking skills is to enroll in the cooking class. The cooking class does not have to be every day. At least, one day per week. If your timetable is full and you does not have the…



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Good Qualities of a Job Description

Job description is defined as a document intended to provide job applicants with an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the role which they are applying.(WikiJob, 2017). It means that it plays a very important role in recruitment and job selection for both organization and the candidate. It acts as a weapon in…



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