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Important Skills for Managers

Discuss what skills today’s managers need in the knowledge economy that weren’t required a decade ago? A decade ago technology was not developed as much as it is today. There have been vast technological developments that have allowed information, knowledge, operation processes to be very different in present times. It is safe to say that…




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Issue of Skills Mismatches among Youth

The European working population on 35% consists of youth, and their share in total unemployment is decreasing every year, but still, in 2017 it was equal to 17 percent. The unemployment rate among young people without work experience during their education was 15.7%, while for persons with work experience outside the curriculum – was 8.1%….




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Careers that My Soft and Hard Skills would fit

The employment trends will allow you to act quickly and the awareness of employment helps people to find out where the jobs help you make decisions about our career path(Blackett,2016). After reviewing some employment trends, the three unexpected careers that I think my soft and hard skills would fit in would be a home health aide,…




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Which Is More Important: Soft Skills or Hard Skills

You can do anything you set your mind to, but it requires action, perseverance, and facing your fears. Gillian Anderson There has always been the strong argument that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. However, what if I told you that you can with a little more dedication? Even though soft skills are…



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Personal Skills Assessments

Introduction A big wakeup call after completing the skills assessment reading each category and discovering that there are skills that are already learned along with a roadmap to follow to gain and master the new skills needed for my degree. Filling in the basics along with the interpersonal skills questions had no complication and were…

Personal Strengths,


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Role of Personal Skills in Professional Life

Personal skills are crucial part of professional success even in all aspects of life. If we want to achieve our goals in this technical era, we should have the quality of skills like communication skills, loyalty, teamwork, leadership as well as motivational. So, we can improve our performance in our specific business. Why the personal…




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Necessity of Basic Skills Test

What is a basic skills test? A basic skills test is a test on what you learned on how do to many things you need to do as an adult. A basic skills test consits of verbal and quatnative questions. They both supply employers with a large spectrum of your personal skills,abilites and strengths. Basically…

Graduate school,

High School,


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Importance of Personal Skills for Professional Success

Introduction Skills are important in any profession, it doesn’t matter in which field we are working. To get succes in a particular field there are lot of skills that really matters it include our behaviour with our co-workers, our attitude with our manager and our nature how we treat customers, one of the main thing…




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Soft Skills Improving

The purpose to write this report is to improve the five soft skills I was lacking earlier and to analyse those in a correct and systematic manner. To work upon them within three months of time to see where I stand now and how much have I improved. Scope Soft skills play a major role…




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Importance of Personal Skills

The 21st century is where there are no limits to skillful people in the present time, Where a skill is the ability to do a preferred thing in a great way in a certain way that it seems competent. Skills can be acquired or developed by oneself through lots and lots of practice in that…




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