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Life Lessons from My Father

“We desire to bequest two things to our children – the first one is roots; the other one is wings.” This Sudanese proverb means that parents reflect their best thoughts and experiences for their children. Ever since I was born and grew up in Nyala, Sudan, every day in my life was a life lesson…

Life Lesson

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Finish the song you started to write, do what you are called to do and put fear aside. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is about living without fear. This book can relate to various people from someone who wants to be an actor, singer, football player, skater, or a blogger. Someone whom I would recommend…

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Football Is My Life Lesson

You may not know what the above words mean. For me, I understand what these calls above are, for I played the game of football and know the words are calls for plays my team used for the game. So, unless you have attended my school and was coached by my coach these words would…


Life Lesson

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Someone named Eva 

The name of the book is called someone named Eva. And the author of this book is named Joan M. Wolf. Joan was born in 1966, and in The Bronx, New York City. Some of Wolf’s honors, and awards for her book Someone Named Eva are, she was a Society of Midland Authors Literary Competition…

Life Lesson

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A child always dreams of having a family as perfect as the books they read describe them. A family that sticks together in the good and bad times, where their parents show love and respect towards each other. But all these changed one chilly and windy fall night an eight-year-old innocent girl realized those stories…

Life Experience,

Life Lesson

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