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Servant Leadership: The Best Fit for Millennials

The millennial generation is comprised of those born in a sixteen-year span between 1981 and 1996. Millennials will continue to enter the workforce out of college through roughly 2022, yet they are already the largest generation in the labor force. Currently, more than 1 in 3 (35%) workers in the labor force are millennials. As…



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Who Are Millennials

The Millennials were born between 1977 and 1995. Being born in 1993, this is the generation I belong to. My generation makes up twenty-five percent of the United States population (“Who Are Millennials”, 2019). Millennials are known to be tech-savvy, open-minded, problem-solvers, transparent, socially conscious, and multitaskers. Millennials often seek advice from others and are…


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Understanding Millennials Generation

“College Kids Aren’t Supercilious Snowflakes” written by Barry Glassner and Morton Schapiro clearly states that college students are not like the stereotypes. Glassner and Schapiro say that from their perspectives as educators, college students are “caring, complex, committed, and clear-eyed”. Millennials get a bad rap from older generations. Whenever most people hear the word millennial…


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Are Millennials Killing Retail Stores?

As the number of retail store closings grows, the weight of blame placed on Millennials increases exponentially. Millennials are a new generation of shoppers which are equipped with resources that generations before them never had. Millennials are trending to enjoy more interactive and testing environments in the retail stores they’re shopping in. Despite this fact,…


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Millennials in the Workplace

Bringing in more millennials into the workplace and making sure their engagement is high once they are hired employers need to be proactive if they want to attract, retain and engage them. I do believe millennials are hardworking and enthusiastic, but at the same time they are often not tied down to the same job…



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Emergence of Millennial Population within the Workforce

Millennials are the most recent generation to arrive in the workforce and are “emerging onto the business scene as a new population group” (Weber). With this emergence, there are distinct differences that exist amongst this latest group of entrants as compared to the preceding generations consisting of baby boomers and Gen Xers. The idea of…



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How 9/11 Affect Millennials

That day’s legacy lives on in U.S. foreignFor more than a decade now, challenges have arisen through the era of September 11. Psychological challenges, work mechanisms, etc., have assisted us to succeed in making our country stronger mentally and physically as it is more difficult for terrorists to create and successfully pull off another spectacular…



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Millennials’ Leadership in the Workplace

In today’s society, millennials are taking over the workforce. They are now the largest group of people in the workplace, and the most influential. With this large group of people comes fresh ideas about leadership within the workplace. According to an article, 7 Ways Millennials are Changing Traditional Leadership (Fries, 2018), millennials are challenging the…



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Millennials agains Marriage, Capitalism, and God

This is the end of marriage, capitalism, and God. Finally! Today, many Millennials are resisting their parent’s traditions and creating their own way of life. “This is the end of marriage, capitalism, and God. Finally!” is an article written by Jeff Degraff stating an argument on three major traditions that are ending in our culture…


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Millennials Wouldn’t Like to Get a Driver’s License

Driving was once seen as a “rite of passage”, or symbol of freedom. This view has changed as many people in the upcoming generations do not see driving the same way. In the article “Forget cars, millennials don’t even want drivers licenses”, this point is clearly argued. Not wanting a driver’s license has become a…


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