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Impact of Technology to Human Life

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Impact of Technology to Human Life essay
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Technology, according to the dictionary it defined as “the collection of skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services”. Or simply to put it another way say that is the machines which help to solve problems or create new things. Seeing the ubiquitous pace of innovation is spawning a majority of technology products, meanwhile it causes a significant impact to human life through adopting these products to the society. Hence, living in such superior generation the majority of the world seems inseparable with advance technology, which undoubtedly being responsible of discovering useful resources, improving lifestyle and providing convenience to the society over the years. Thus, the purpose of this article is to carry out a critical analysis of technology adoption in an attempt to discover the influence on human life in variety aspects.

As a matter of fact, technology can be valued as one of the decisive factor that change substances into resources. It is not difficult to realize that people themselves are the most valuable resources since it is their inventions, knowledge, ideas and discoveries that form to a certain more resources. Single discovery or invention can link to another ideas like smart phone, laptop, electric battery, television and so on. Another key point is that technology is also bond with internet which is a platform where people can collect or gain informations from. To emphasize, business environment is always connect to technology no matter how significant or minor that works people are dealing with because it changes the way of how the business run.

For instance, information is collected in a data base servers where employees can easily get access to through internet and cloud technology as against the old way of storing data in registers and files. Likewise, through the aid of technology which can provide a stronger and securer protection on personal information or else important information. Furthermore, establishment of technology has offered another platform for companies to promote or sell their products and services on digital marketing like advertisement and food delivery service. Not to mention, the benefits that have brought to the world not only widen the selling market but also given more opportunities for people to build various business.

For example, Amazon which is the largest online marketplace and focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. They also known for its disruption of well-established industries through technological innovation and mass scale. On the other hand, technology helps in developing marketing strategies as well. Given that the majority of company will collect, retrieve and utilize data through technology which boost the company come up with groundbreaking business strategies. With the support of available data, companies are more capable on track and evaluate customer trends and people’s demands as the information technology shows the customer behaviour. As a result, technology that has been used today in business helps to boost productivity, save money and enhance profits.

What is more, the use of technology in human lives increase by day, from a minor tasks to a complicated management systems which means it made people’s life easy to survive.The world has embraced diversity of tech products from all over the globe in past few decades together with the improvement of people quality of life.The ongoing technology development have led the society to numerous modern ways of electronic communication, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, emails, voicemails, and other video conferences. The profit that brings from technology is far more than defeating distance as obstacles to effective communication but more about eliminating time from exchange information through internet.

For the purpose of using technology to enhance the effectiveness of communication, people try to expand the beneficial to not only personal relationships, but also education. Apparently, current educations has a huge distinguish gap comparing to the past as the technology improving every years. For this reason, there are massive of online resources that are available for everyone to get access to learn, for example e-textbook, images, videos, audios and powerpoint. However, in the past there were only paper textbooks that are allowed. Additionally, people do not need to attend in an actual school for diploma since online courses are on the rise to offer students distant learning, which can be another option for student to study. Henceforth, modern technology has blended well in nowadays education system for better learning, for example using iPads or laptops for note taking and presentations in class.

Apart from education, technology enhances quality of life as well. In terms of healthcare, most of the hospitals today have implemented advance medical machines and surgical rooms to markedly avoid doctors mistakes. Along with rising accessibility of treatment and cancer antidotes to cure diseases all around the world through technology. Medical apps can also monitor one’s body condition especially for the elders to keep track of their weight, heart rate, and other health properties.

Technology also convenience of traveling through inventing various transportation and traffic tools. Instead of exchanging information from internet, transportation is another main factors help deliver resources and information throughout the world. Whether vehicles, ships, airplanes, trains or even rocket, these inventions have diversify impact on a community’s economic development such as productivities, employment, business activities and tax revenues. In general, technology devised transportation which improve overall accessibility and reduce transportation costs. To explain, building up a new highway or public transport service broaden a community’s access to other areas which led to financial aspect, reduces their cost to obtain input materials and services, as well as expands the potential market. With more people coming to one area from another which also means that the manpower will increase and productivity too.

In the final analysis, the technology invention brings a huge benefit in economic, communication and transportation aspects. Not only has tremendously improved peoples education level but more important is that people are able to absorb information and hear news at another part of the globe.

Impact of Technology to Human Life essay

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