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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone Photography

Pages 2 (435 words)

Cell Phone


Today, out of each 10 individuals, 8 claim smartphones. Any place you go, you will see everybody with a cell phone. We as a whole owe it to innovative progressions. One incredible component about smartphones is that they do accompany an inbuilt camera. All smartphones have a camera. This makes it simple for you to…

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Students Don’t Need Cell Phones

Pages 5 (1 167 words)

Cell Phone

Cyber Bullying


Technology In The Classroom

Teenagers use cell phones in class every day. Teenagers may not be mature enough to use cellphones in class responsibly. There are students who use their phones for educational purposes, and so that their parents are not worried about them. However, that has nothing to do with using their phones in class responsibly. Teenagers are…

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones and their Effects on Human Morality

Pages 6 (1 314 words)

Cell Phone



Before the introduction of mobile cell phones, people had to either be at home or in an office to be able to make calls through the telephone. This was because the telephone had to be fixed and had a cord hence it could not be carried around. After a while, public telephones surfaced. They were…

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Does Cell Phone Radiation Increase the Risk of Cancer

Pages 5 (1 192 words)


Cell Phone


Most people in the world are using a cell phone. They use a cell phone to chat, use a phone to watch the video, use a cell phone to play games. Some people said if we use a cell phone for a long time, the radiation can cause cancer or some other problems to the…

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The Increase of Cell Phone Use

Pages 4 (984 words)

Cell Phone

Safe Driving

Texting and Driving

The average Canadian teen spends 144 minutes a day using his or her phone during a 16-hour period. Cell phones have become one of the basic means of communication in today’s society with an estimated six billion subscriptions globally and counting. While cell phones provide an effective and easy way to communicate with friends, family,…

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Cell Phones Should Be Banned In Schools

Pages 4 (885 words)

Cell Phone


Technology In The Classroom

Imagine being in class and your teacher writes you up for having your phone out. We could be at home, driving on a highway, walking into a mall with a group of friends. Phones have become a part of our everyday lives. However, it has always been controversial when it comes to the usage of…

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History of Cell Phones

Pages 5 (1 244 words)

Cell Phone


Our cell phone, otherwise called a cell phone, wireless or cell phone, is basic in our general public. The advancement is going quick. What we purchase today is ‘old’ tomorrow. However, in the past, the mobile phone still must be concocted. Do you recall when you purchased your first cell phone? Was this toward the…

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Cell Phone Can Help during Traveling

Pages 3 (666 words)

Cell Phone


Your cell phone can be genuinely the best of companion for you while traveling abroad in your favorite holiday destination. Your phone turns out to be a true friend in all cases such as ticket booking, hotel reservation, map, camera, language translation. It is very simple to utilize the best of your phone while visiting…

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Are Mobile Phones Safe for People?

Pages 2 (457 words)

Cell Phone

Safe Driving

Texting and Driving

There has been a lot of talk about if mobile phones are really safe for people. In today’s world almost 25% of people that text and drive get into a car accident they have said that this number could go up by a whopping 55% in the next ten years. One of the needed apps…

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Free Government Cell Phone

Pages 3 (567 words)

Cell Phone


Cell phones are vital, and a must-have for each person. It’s important that we stay connected to the people we love even if we are a distance away. With the broad range of mobile phone use, you cannot only call or convey text message but also capture video and photos into it. That’s why the…

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