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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Computer generated reality or VR reality is latest user interface opposite to traditional one, indulging person into 3D environment instead of watching in on any screen, this also makes individuals feels like they are physically in that environment likewise they can touch, see and hear that scene in reality. This work based on…


Virtual Reality

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Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality

Technology has been rapidly making its progress and has become a part of every person’s day to day life. We must be on par with the advanced technological innovations which is a difficult task. Instead of holding on outdated mass-media technologies, every person needs to be constantly followed and assess the power of technology. In…


Virtual Reality

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Corners of The Virtual Reality World

Imagine if you were you were floating through space, watching horror film or perhaps playing a video game, and it seemed like you were actually there. With the invention of virtual reality (VR), people are able to explore the illusion of this reality. Virtual reality is computer generated technology used to created a manufactured environment….


Virtual Reality

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What is Virtual Reality and How Its Works

Virtual Reality’s intended purpose is to entertain and educate users by replacing one’s surroundings with a realistic-seeming three-dimensional environment (1). This innovation functions by consuming and interpreting the real world, with a final product of a simulated environment. Virtual Reality is commonly used for gaming, illustrated by the man playing a video game in my…


Virtual Reality

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Future of VR and AR

Imagining the future of AR and VR 20 years down the line, it’s easy to see how IOT, AI and other emerging technologies will play an influential role. As of today AR and VR are camera dependant, sensors keep our devices aware and interactive, making it easy for the device to convert environments into movable…


Virtual Reality

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Benefits of Virtual Reality for Medicine

The virtual reality technology has been developed rapidly in a decade, it used in various areas but especially meets the needs of medical treatments. What’s more, the commercialisation of VR techs is already at an advanced stage. Diagnostics The major use of VR-based medical treatment is Diagnostics. For example, the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders is…



Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality Concepts in Technology

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), there is a wide variety of devices for use. When doing VR research, it tends to get very expensive. Researchers are constantly looking for cost efficient ways of doing research with different VR devices. Two of the top ranked VR devices are the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift….


Virtual Reality

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