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Technology’s Control Over the Diffusion of Information 

Imagine a life without social media, it’s impossible. Scrolling through Twitter and Facebook keeps people updated on what’s going in the world. All the information is easily accessible and a google search away. Information has been spreading in the past, and it will spread faster as we keep going in the future. So what has…




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Information Overload

In today’s world of ever expanding technology and constant media access, the issue of information overload arises. Information overload refers to the dilemma that occurs when an individual is exposed to increasing amounts and rates of information, without an increase in their ability to process this information. There are many downsides to information including stress,…



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Career of Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts plan, upgrade, and/or monitor the security measures for the protection of computer networks and their information. They install firewalls in computers to protect against security breaches and viruses. This is the career I chose because it involves problem-solving and dealing with the security of private information. I personally enjoy doing anything with…



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Protection of Confidential Information in Companies

Information is a vital company asset. It sets us apart from our competition and drives our daily activities and decisions. You play a role in protecting our confidential information by controlling how you use it, store it, and communicate it. If you use or have access to confidential information, you are required to safeguard it…



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Information Systems Design

Information Systems Analysis and Designers; Academic/Research Supply vs. Market demand Information systems is an applied domain which relies the least on mathematical formulas meaning it relies heavily on the models which were established and its teachings are based on established theories and patterns. Information systems in developing countries such as Romania offer an insight into…



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How Analytics is used in Information Security Risk Management

Project Overview The focus of this research is studying ways in which analytics can be used in information security risk management to detect and prevent information security threats, attacks, as well as malicious activities. Particularly, this study will evaluate the effectiveness of big data analytics for the detection of complicated and stealthy attacks. The study’s…

Cyber Security,


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Where Does Our Information Go?

Do you care about your privacy? By the rising of technology, everything starts to depend on internet. Especially from 2016, I can feel the development of internet is accelerating in a high rate. More commercial companies are created because of the people’s dependency on internet. It induces people’s attention toward their privacy, is it licking…


Internet Privacy,


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Management Information Systems 

Before the 1990’s, which was the year the internet really started to bloom, we used information systems in a different way than we use them now. Forty years ago the idea of information systems was to “maintain files and databases related to day-to-day operations” ( W. (2017, July 31). The Role of Information Systems in…




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Lack of Online Historical Information Infrastructure

Architecture, landscapes, monuments are witnesses to the centuries of history of a nation. It embodies the culture of the nation. Although citizens know the greatness of their nation, inevitably, some are still unaware of the remnants of history and culture. Ignorance could impede efforts to preserve an irreplaceable piece of history and culture, which often…



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Information Has Value

My connection might be a bit unique, one instance that I have experienced in the last couple of days that I believe to show the value of information was during my Informatics Senior Capstone course. The class is composed of six students, four handpicked by two students (including myself). As we were able to choose…


Personal Experiences

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