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Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System

BACKGROUND An automatic wireless health monitoring system is an extension of a hospital medical system where a patient’s vital body state can be monitored remotely. Traditionally, different hospitals used large and very complex detection systems which consumed much power. Nevertheless, nowadays simple programmable systems are preferred in monitoring process of the patients’ body state. They are used because…



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Transmission of Food Data and Cooking Technics

Continuity in food apply is quality application of food data that doesn’t stop or modification as time passes. The method of continuation of food apply routine always involves mother because the transfer comes from them and passes to their children. Sharif, Zahari, Nor, and Muhammad (2013) expressed that the contribution of food data transfer from…


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The Complexity of Progress

As mentioned on the video, as the world advances to a higher level of understanding things, people were also expected to be able to understand more complex ideas. The more the people understand the ideas of how a system works and how it progressed, the more the people will be exposed to a more complex…

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The Progressive Era

Introduction to Bionanotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

INTRODUCTION Bionanotechnology, being a synonym for nanobiotechnology, is a rapidly growing field that encompasses contributions from various disciplines, ranging from engineering and computational sciences to physics, chemistry and biology. Hence, there is an increasing need for reviews and textbooks that provide an introduction to biomolecular sciences and their impact on nanotechnology. Living cells are made…


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Julius Edgar Lilienfeld and His Patents in History

History Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, who is a physicist and electronic engineer was attributed with the first patents on the field-effect transistor (FET) in 1925. Due to his failure to publish articles in learned journals and high-purity semiconductor materials were not available during his time, his FET patent never gain fame. But because of his quest…


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Risk Management in Safety Engineering

Safety has been defined as freedom from unacceptable risks, personal harms or the elimination of the danger where the danger represent the balance between the chance for an accident and the consequences of it. Concepts of Safety Engineering includes providing intrinsically develop safe equipment, systems, processes and facilities for Engineers and other staff. At the…



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Requirement Engineering: Types and Problems

Requirement engineering is a type of engineering which deals with the requirement of product before developing it. Requirement engineering is related to defining, documenting and maintaining the requirements in the engineering design process. Role of Requirement Engineering in SDLC In software development life cycle Requirement Engineering is among one of the most important phases. In…



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History of Science in Dates

Science is a precise enterprise that manufactures and composes knowledge in the form of experimental explanations and expectations about the universe. 3.3 million years ago: The first tools – used by an ancestor like Australopithecus. 1 million years ago: Fire- invented by the ancestor of Homo sapiens. 20,000 to 15,000 years ago: Neolithic Revolution- people…



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