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The Advancements of Technology and Sciences

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” (The Noble Peace Prize). In 1921, the Norwegian Christian Lous Lange shared the Peace Prize with the Swede Hjalmar Branting. This quote ties in with the topic of technology and the way technology can be used. Technology used for good reasons like teachers using technology in…


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Science Technology and Innovation in Kenia

Introduction The world is moving to the fourth industrial revolution. Scientific advances and technological changes are important drivers of sustainable development. Science, Technology and Innovation Technology has taken over a large part of our lives, be it how we get from one place to another, how we order food, how we transfer money and many…


Science And Technology

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Neuroimaging Scientific Technology

The advancement of a wide-variety of scientific technologies and techniques over the past century has resulted in an explosion of knowledge in regards to the human body and its’ inter-workings. The development of neuroimaging technology has allowed researchers to understand many of the processes involved in communication within the central nervous system. However, what remains…



Science And Technology

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Science and Technology Argument

The advancement of new technology has been evolving since the beginning of human history. From the invention of items like the spear and knives to help assist in capturing animals, to items like the first phonograph and the computer. The advancement in technology has been extraordinarily fast in the 20th and 21st century. With electronic…


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Why Do People Need Research

Particularly to do a research first should understand the importance of a research, why, what are the procedures and how it’s done. Marvasti (2004) pointed out to the understanding of the research and research in society in the first chapter; A research is designed to be organized, Systematic, discipline approach to answer questions about experiences…



Science And Technology

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Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI is a technology that transforms every facet of society, albeit its deluge of unfamiliarity. It’s a wide-ranging tool that allows us to change how we embed information, analyze data, and use the insights that result in improvement in our decision making. Some people, such as Faith Popcorn, an author and chief executive at BrainReserve,…

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Are Fingerprints Inherited

I have always heard that everyones fingerprints are different and unique. I started to wonder, how could there be that many different types of fingerprints pattern? Another thought was, we inherit many genetics from our parents how could it not show in our fingerprints? My research question is, are fingerprint patterns inherited? During this I…





Science And Technology

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Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System

BACKGROUND An automatic wireless health monitoring system is an extension of a hospital medical system where a patient’s vital body state can be monitored remotely. Traditionally, different hospitals used large and very complex detection systems which consumed much power. Nevertheless, nowadays simple programmable systems are preferred in monitoring process of the patients’ body state. They are used because…



Science And Technology

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Requirement Engineering: Types and Problems

Requirement engineering is a type of engineering which deals with the requirement of product before developing it. Requirement engineering is related to defining, documenting and maintaining the requirements in the engineering design process. Role of Requirement Engineering in SDLC In software development life cycle Requirement Engineering is among one of the most important phases. In…



Science And Technology

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Julius Edgar Lilienfeld and His Patents in History

History Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, who is a physicist and electronic engineer was attributed with the first patents on the field-effect transistor (FET) in 1925. Due to his failure to publish articles in learned journals and high-purity semiconductor materials were not available during his time, his FET patent never gain fame. But because of his quest…


Science And Technology

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