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Ethical Issue in Edward Snowden’s Action

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Edward Snowden


During the interview, Snowden explained that his previous experience at the Central intelligence agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) provides him with unlimited access to information that led him wondering whether the conducts of these agencies were moral. He persisted on the fact that what the National Security Agency (NSA) doing that time was…

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Edward Snowden and Issue of Computer Security

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Cyber Security

Edward Snowden

Abstract The case study presented here underlines the policies that are in general desecrated and address the policies which need to prevent the violations from occurring in future events. Introduction A part time contractor was able to gain unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential material due to the lax security policies and controls. Hence it…

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Who is Edward Snowden?

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Edward Snowden


Dear Emma Gonzalez, My name is Peyton Thompson and I am an eighteen-year-old first year student at Daytona State College. I am currently in the honors program known as ‘QUANTA’ which is “a learning community designed to offer an alternative to regular college classes for highly motivated students who value academic achievement and want the…

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