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Technology Offers People a Better Life

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Technology Offers People a Better Life essay
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What is technology? According to me, technology is something that helps any person with his daily works or routine e.g. a person wants to do some exercise he uses a treadmill, cross-trainer, cardio cycle which makes him work and also gives out the person displayed results like the calories the person burnt or the distance the person ran. some more examples are telephone, television, wearables and most important the computers.

In the past 6 to 7 decades, technology is changed and grown so much from the Chinese developing eyeglasses fitting on people’s face to the google glasses. Globalization and increased transportation have made a large group or I will say the human race change their ideology and method of working as these both increased the use of technology in all the fields of work.

Earlier the doctor used to check the heart rate and the pulse through a simple stethoscope and counting but now they have a specific machine to give accurate measurements. Shopkeepers and businessmen used to carry a whole bunch of notebooks, graphs, papers which used to weigh about many kilos but now they use simple spreadsheets and images all the time available on their computers which can be presented, recorded and most importantly shared.

Advantages of Technology

There are many sectors and parts of people having different expectations from technology. A farmer would want something which helps him in saving his crop from rains, pesticides, insecticides, etc. whereas a student would want a way of bringing a classroom teaching in his home so that he is not required to go to a school mile away from his home in a cold winter morning.

Technology is that’s why a fast-growing field as fast as the growing necessities of humans. Each time we require something we make it involving some of the other technology i.e. we required light at the night Thomas Elva Edison made the light bulb, communication was a very important thing so alexander graham bell invented the telephone.

Technology is growing fast as a field and also creating new opportunities for jobs, food, shelter and mainly everything required for survival at this point.

From my side expectations from technology as a field is my involving young ideas and the use of technology to solve very heartening problems like many types of cancer, neural and functional disorders. Technology also creates chances for the new generation to uplift.


The field of computer sciences and information technology has grown and become somewhat more promising than in previous years. This increased demand for highly skilled workers is urging people to nurture and enhance their skills who are looking for a job in the Information Systems and technology. The field opens the door for many disciplines, each with its significance in the business world. Most businesses need technological skills to accomplish their goals. There is a wide selection of career options in the field of technology like data mining, cybersecurity, machine learning, etc. All this leads to creating new jobs and offering people a better life and better humanity.

Technology Offers People a Better Life essay

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