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Inventions that Changed the World

Over time, knowledge increases and discoveries have seen significant inventions that have changed the world in the context of ways of life, the systems used by people to cope, as well as the ideas and perceptions held. Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking inventions is that of the radio. The innovation began with Mahlon Loomis’…



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Inventions that Changed Communication

The nineteenth century brought the world into an era of great technological development and invention. People from across the United States were brought closer than ever before. Today I am talking about the thinkers, the ones who brought us together, and who made our world just a little bit better. Ever since George Stephenson first…




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Julius Edgar Lilienfeld and His Patents in History

History Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, who is a physicist and electronic engineer was attributed with the first patents on the field-effect transistor (FET) in 1925. Due to his failure to publish articles in learned journals and high-purity semiconductor materials were not available during his time, his FET patent never gain fame. But because of his quest…


Science And Technology

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Thomas Edison Inventions

Over the history of humankind there have been many prominent figures that stood out and contributed to their people tremendously. Inventors are a subset of these contributors because their careers are tailored to make products for consumers to use. The best inventors are the ones who make products that can be used by the public…



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Invention of Car

Ever wonder who invented the first car, or what it looked like, or how differently it ran back in the 1800s? Although it is still up for debate as to who built the very first car, the majority of credit is given to a man named Karl Benz for inventing the first car that runs…



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New Invention to Make Water Clean

A new project that is helping the environment and all people around. This invention is called a Grease trap, this is something that a kitchen wastewater can flow through before entering the sewer waste system. This makes the grease rise from the water to go to a tank so it “traps” the grease and makes…




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Steps to Make Good Invention

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without computers, cars, winter gear, or exercise equipment? These inventions didn’t grow on trees, they entered our lives through great thinkers, hard work, and great inventions. If you are trying to make a new invention, there are a few steps you must take to be successful….



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Invention of Hydroelectric Power by Lester Allan Pelton

Lester Allan Pelton was a great inventor. He was well known for his creation of hydroelectric power. This was his main contribution to modern day technology. A perfect example of hydroelectric power is a dam, as water goes through the electric turbines in a dam they spin to create hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is very…



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Invention of Sewing Machine, Transportation and the Internet

Thoughout the history many inventions were created and made our lives easier. For example the invention of sewing machine, transportation and the internet are some of the important things up to now because it impacted our lives more than it should. It helped a lot of people and made things easier for them to make…




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Science of the Light Bulb

To Provide more reliable light. The creator of the light bulb Thomas Edison noticed that the number of fires were increasing because of the candles catching alight on peoples houses. Creating a light bulb would result in less fires and a safer way to access light that doesn’t run out. While candles were a good…



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