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Julius Edgar Lilienfeld and His Patents in History

History Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, who is a physicist and electronic engineer was attributed with the first patents on the field-effect transistor (FET) in 1925. Due to his failure to publish articles in learned journals and high-purity semiconductor materials were not available during his time, his FET patent never gain fame. But because of his quest…


Science And Technology

Science of the Light Bulb

To Provide more reliable light. The creator of the light bulb Thomas Edison noticed that the number of fires were increasing because of the candles catching alight on peoples houses. Creating a light bulb would result in less fires and a safer way to access light that doesn’t run out. While candles were a good…



Difference Between Scientists and Inventors

Mathematician are responsible for the development of new mathematical rules, theories, and concepts in areas such as geometry and algebra. And the mathematician does was to design surveys, experiments, or opinion polls to collect data And to apply mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems in engineering, science and to other fields. And when…




The Role of Inventions in The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is one of the greatest topics of the modernization of Europe back in the 18th century. Great Britain was one of the countries that took this idea in hopes to change its economic status and transform itself into a new urban area. Their were many things that got implemented to help this…

Industrial Revolution,


Ancient Chinese Inventions

There were a lot of Ancient Chinese inventions that are still used today. Them being created influenced many things that are produced today. If it wasn’t for them being created so many things wouldn’t be here today. I am going to tell you about three important inventions and how they influenced life today. Gunpowder was…