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Ethical, Moral, and Privacy Issues in Cyberspace

Introduction The technological phenomenon known as the Internet has transformed the way people live. Over the years, the power, and the influence of information technology have been universal, and Cyberspace is the result of communication that the internet has created. Cyberspace is not where body lives however, it has always been characterized as consensual hallucination…

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The Invasion of Privacy on Social Media

The line between privacy and transparency has been provoked the moment social media rose in the early 2000s. The innocent intentions of social networking that people thought were getting became total anarchy. People’s data were compromised and became a product between sellers and buyers (O’Marah, 2018). The so-called “Facebook” is a controlled isolated bubble formed…

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The Right to Privacy

There is no right to privacy directly guaranteed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, though we can assume that the founders assumed one. So much of the early documents is about fear of government intrusion into private matters that a right to privacy feels implicit, a basis for the more explicit rights. “The right…



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Privacy in Health Care

Patient privacy in hospitals is one of the utmost concerns in hospitals and in small clinics in today’s world. The patient identification verification is not only there for the doctors to be fully aware of the patient’s identity, but so that any test or sickness that one patient may have does not leak to another…

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Privacy in the Modern Age

With the advent and popularization of social media, many users now prioritize sharing and social connection over privacy. Rather than viewing the publicization of intimate details about their life as a negative to be avoided, many willingly share these details with others on the internet. Research has shown that the average Facebook profile gives a…

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Technology and Privacy 

There are many cases of the line between technology and privacy being crossed. Technology has become a major part of our everyday life and users often do not know just how much technology is surveying their everyday lives. Amazon alexa’s are notorious for invading the privacy of its users. About 11% of Americans own amazon…

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The NSA An Invasion of American Privacy

Nothing you have ever done online is truly “private”. Everything that happens on the internet has either been monitored by a third party or been collected in a data center. Imagine having a conversation with someone and having a camera watching what you are doing, and a microphone recording what you are saying. Everything that…



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Privacy and Dignity

Definition of Privacy and Dignity Privacy relates to the night to speak, act, or think as you would like, free from interruption or intervention. Also, to all practice and information that is sensitive or personal in nature to an individual, letting someone have time and space where and when they want or need it. Dignity…


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Economic Analysis of Privacy

In this article the author is trying to analyze privacy from the stand point of economics but in a tentative manner. This article considers several other aspects of privacy like seclusion, extending the analysis to defamation. He is looking into the original meaning of term privacy as ‘nonpublic in the sense of uninvolved in matters…



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Cookies and Privacy

The web browsers play an important role in our daily interaction with the computer. Social networking, web searches, visiting different websites, all these activities would bring up the subject of privacy and how our actions are being tracked on the web browsers. You are tracked on web with the tracking cookies. Your browsing habits are…

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