Technology Can Help Elderly

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Singapore’s aging population is increasing rapidly than years ago. The number of citizens over the age of 65 is expected to double by 2030, to 900,000. Aging has often been associated with a decrease in independence. To maintain independence among the elderly, they are called upon to adapt to the new technology in this rapidly aging society. Advanced technology helps the elderly to handle challenges like the rapidly changing world better. Allowing them to continue living at their own homes safely and comfortably than being in a care home. Technology like exoskeleton, home kit system, and the use of the apps.



Most of the elderly nowadays and even decades ago have been having trouble lifting things or difficulties standing and walk for a long distance. With the help of technology, the exoskeleton is created to help the elderly to move around better and be stronger, so they can lift things easier. It is a layer of support for the human body to help to carry out their daily routine better. This will help the elderly to be able to move around comfortably without any assistant. The rehabilitation center used an exoskeleton for healing treatments and virtual reality simulation. The groups of people who are offered this benefit of using the exoskeleton will be those who are both impaired or healthy. There are a few considerations that can be made for additional design inputs to the exoskeleton which include anatomical, physiological, and upper limb joint ranges of motion. The World Health Organization (WHO), is working on creating an exoskeleton for the elderly, so they can remain active like they did when they were young.

TruSense Passive Monitoring Starter Kit

Technology is being made through products to give family members peace of mind knowing that their senior member of the family is safe at home. TruSense is fully customizable to our needs giving us the ability to build unique care for the elderly. Having extra protection against falls and tracking our loved ones when they leave the house. If there were to be anything that happens there will be an alert notifying us immediately.

 The Use of Apps

Research has shown about 42% of the aging population owns a smartphone. This shows that there are already a few batches of elderly who are keeping up with the rapidly changing world. With the use of the smartphone, apps will be introduced to the elderly. Apps like Skype, Facebook, and facetime will be introduced so that they can just tap it to communicate with their family members who are not living with them and friends. The benefit is the elderly can communicate with others, catching up with their favorite dramas, and do their grocery shopping easily.


To conclude, this type of technology invention has helped the elderly to maintain their independence that they wanted. Thru this, the elderly will no longer feel that they trap in this rapidly changing world as they are already slowly catching up to the system.

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