Merits and Demerits of Technology

  • Updated July 25, 2023
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Science has confirmed great boons on mankind whilst technology augments the agenda of science. Technology, as a whole, has helped and still rendering great services to the growth and development of the mankind. There has been a significant advancement in the field of technology that enhances the life of the people in various ways, all over the world. Although there is plethora of victories of the material world when it comes to technology and advancement, it has been argued that technology brings destruction upon Earth. This is not a typical gadget review or any prototype for future inventions, it is the brief analyzation of the merits and demerits of technology as a single unit.

Technological development relates to really anything in regards to inventions or innovations. The outcome of technological development has made people accustomed to technology; from the car one used to the telephones we use to make the connection strong worldwide, from big bangs to the black hole, and other several cyclic used things. It has become a common human property, transforming every aspect of our lives including medicine, art and education.

The use of tools by early humans was partly a process of discovery and of evolution. Early humans also used relatively same tools, but modern humans have in general revolutionized the world as modern man has a stunted soul and mind in a gigantic body. Scientists conducted researches and experiments with different things to come up with innovative ideas that would help them finish their daunting tasks with ease. Similarly, humans are also on the road of self service to make their lives facile and trouble free. They made the first tools from stone, wood, bones and antlers ages ago. The planning that was used to transform the US into a superpower was also technology based rather than economic based planning.

Technology has made a tremendous progress in the 20th century and is still taking further steps to enhace and improvise life. There are number of technological advantages that new discoveries and inventions have provided to the world.

Through technology, the world has achieved great success in the field of medicine and has made surgery easier in many ways and provided treatments for many disastrous diseases, like operation of the cancer of pancreas, the removal of entire organ for any disease and so on. These facilities weren’t available to the sufferers ages ago.

The invention of the atomic bomb, has diverted the attention of the people towards various nuclear powers that one can utilize to produce energy,one of which is electricity. The comforts of modern living cannot be thought of without electricity. As, this technology is being used in several ways all over the world, so people have become practically a slave to this invisible asset.

Technology has also done the greatest good in the field of communication and transport. Many inventions like telivision, VCR’s, mobilephones etc etc have been added to our joys and comfort. The invention of computers and calculators have also made the field of technology simply magical. The latest realm in the field of technology is the launching of satellites on space.

Technology in general has made life easier and comfy in many directions. But the negative repercussions it has can’t be overlooked. As the quote; ‘ greater technological connectivity makes the world wider, and the walls of isolation thinner.’

In the modern agricultural and industrial world there are machines to do each and every work and hence producing more goods but requiring less labour. As a result, unemployment is increasing because of decline of human capital and making people obsolete and lazy.

Technological advancement has also lead way to various types of pollutions as a result of which people prone to several health issues. The production of new technological devices is also resulting in the exploitation of the natural resources.

Excessive use of technology has also resulted in the impairment of visual ability and has isolated the near ones while connecting with people far away. The mundane use of technology has also reduced physical activities which again increased the chances of unhealthy body and making people especially children socially isolated.

An array of drugs were produced to combat various diseases. Along with saving lives, the addiction of tranquilizers and other psychotherapeautic drugs contributed to the population explosion.

Conclusively, technology transforms the abstract idea of scientists and physicians into a concrete reality. It has served the world a lot but along with rendering services, it has made man mechanical in outlook, ruthless and materialistic in attitude and cold and calculating in behaviour. But, still technology is one of the pillar of the world’s development and is being used continuously to improvise life.


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