Benefit of Technology in Different Aspects of Human Life

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What would we do without technology? We are living in a century where technology is developing faster than ever. Many years ago, moving long distances would take days, even weeks to get to the destination. Nowadays, technology has expanded the transportation system to the point that we can take an airplane and go to the other side of the world in a couple of hours. However, there are always some counterarguments, as the people who express dissatisfaction for how technology through social media has changed people’s attitudes, and the fear of job loss due to the machines that are taking over many sectors. The reality about technology is that it has improved and increased production and efficiency; specifically, the branch of medicine, education, communication and other aspects in our lifestyles.

Firstly, the most important benefit of technology is in the branch of medicine. Medicine through technology has brought the best-developed equipment and keep improving techniques to the performance in the diagnostic and prevention of diseases. Diagnostic and prevention go along, these pieces together have allowed the medical field to stop diseases before they get to harm the human body, or as protection even before they are received by the human system. As an example, the developed equipment provided by technology allows the early diagnosis of many illnesses that become only treatable by early discover.

In addition, vaccination has stopped epidemic catastrophes after the evolution of many virus and diseases that have tried to destroy humanity. Vaccination works as the formulation of a new defense that prepares the human body to be ready before the virus which might try to get into the human system. “If not for vaccines, today’s world would be scarier” (Cleveland Clinic); for instance, virus as the Polio or Smallpox that cost more than eight hundred million lives around the world were eradicated once the vaccines came out. Thus, technology through the example of vaccination and the help of development equipment have transformed the lives of the whole humanity and look forward to keeping evolving.

Secondly, the development of medicine is important, especially when it comes to treatment. The treatment is relevant in any procedure implemented in order to take care of the patients, and most importantly save lives; therefore, technology, is playing an important role in these issues, in different situations, since the development of therapies and medicament for people who tend to deal with allergies till those patients who end up in surgical rooms. In the article “Modern Technology Advantages and Disadvantages,” Karehka Ramey says that “most hospitals have implemented modern technology in surgical rooms, this has reduced on mistakes made by doctors.”

As a result, the phase of treatment has become more efficient and successful, and medicine through technology have increased the average of life expectancy. Furthermore, another fact about medicine is that currently, the doctors have more tools and access to information that make their jobs more accurate and effective. Thus, “it is impossible for one doctor to know how to recognize and treat every disease in the world. With evidence-based guidelines, they can come close.” (Hendricks). In fact, these advances in medicine have changed our lives and are building great progress for all of us as humanity.

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives as part of our daily journal, and education is one of those aspects. Technology is blending so fast and so well in the education system. Therefore, there is a notorious change in the way that professors teach. The new incorporation of technology in the education system has changed from the method of being the “speaker at the front” to “the guide on your side.” The article published by the Purdue University explains that this modern model of education implies that “students take more responsibility for their own learning using technology to gather relevant information.”

Using this method, an educator just provides assistance or advice to the learners who become the center of the learning process, which means that they have to explore and work by themselves; by using websites like Google or Wikipedia. Indeed, years ago, education was a challenge, having a book and going to the library was the best choice to do research. In addition, schools were remote and far for many people, so this became another issue that made education so complicated back in the days. However, nowadays due to technology, education is becoming easier, closer and accessible.

As an example, we can take education out the classroom, because according to the Purdue University, access to a computer and internet it is all we need in order to guarantee a “massive amount of information (books, audio, images, videos) which are available at one’s fingertips through the Internet, and opportunities for formal learning are available online worldwide.” As a result, I can mention that technology is considered a powerful tool and is changing education to make it easier and more available in this new world that we are living in.

Transportation is another triumph attributed to technology. In the past it used to be slow and expensive to move long distances, cross the ocean dangerous and fly in an airplane might have sounded almost impossible. Nowadays, modern transportation connects us to the other side of the world in a matter of hours by commercial flights. Traveling by boats is more touristic than commercial and the terrestrial ways to move are available for everyone, buying a car is possible for everyone and the access to ride a bus, train or any public transportation is easily and not expensive relatively as how would have been years ago.

Also, some mediums as Uber or Lift are now available to facilitate travel at short distances. These are advantages promoted for the development of technology because “there is no doubt that our transportation system is undergoing a dramatic change and traditional transportation industry is keenly interested in understanding this new paradigm. These new mobility innovations are bringing new faces to [the] transportation sector” (Lewis). Transport share some aspects with communication, the fact that they bring people together and that both are developing as a result of the increasing technology.

Social media communication is a direct result of technology. Communication is known as the connection between people and the exchange of information. Thus, communication through technology has made this process easier and more available for societies around the world. Indeed, ‘the world has become a Global Village due to the rapid and fast growth of communications” (Riaz). The minimum requirement to do communication possible is a device with a connection to the internet, such as mobile telephone is more than enough to link someone to the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, these devices work through programs that allow them to carry out communications, such as social media applications, like Facebook or Twitter.

Also, another advance provided by communication through technology is access to media; thus, access to social media keep us updated about what is going on in the world. The content in social media is unlimited, it is possible to sync weather reports, debates, news sports and any other category that can cross our minds. The political pattern is relevant in social media, from my personal experience, the United States is strongly influenced by the social media, and as we noticed in the past elections in 2016, the social media was the main source to promote the elections and push opinions about the candidates. One direct example about the beginning of the political pattern in the social media is “Barack Obama who won the elections in 2008 and was mostly based upon the use of new media technology” (Riaz).

However, social media has brought a state of addiction for many people. Some of the consequences are depression, anxiety, and unhealthy sleep patterns. It is true that all these factors are the result of the excessive use of social media. There is a keyword, “excessive.” Social media has been created with the intention of promoting communications in a good way to bring people together despite the distance or the time and to keep people informed. The consequences of social media come out when there exists an excessive use from the individuals. Therefore, social media is not the guilty one of our self-control.

Therefore, it is a matter of being aware how much time do we spend on social media, “getting on social media when you have some time to kill, or, worse, need an emotional lift, is very likely a bad idea. And studies have found that taking a break from Facebook helps boost psychological well-being” (Walton). As a result, we can determine that social media is beneficial, the consequences that might be produced are created for our own disorder on how to manage the time that we spend on the applications. In fact, media communication is the best tool in the present to keep us updated and help us to promote a guide on our decisions.

On the other hand, technology is strongly seen as the root of perks and facilities to make humans’ lives easier. However, there are some people who question the growth of technology and fear machines as the cause of job loss. Machines are taking over the production lines, and “robots can cut the lawn or clean the pools, no need for a handyman” (Ramey). Also, “jobs involving mortgage origination, paralegal work, accounting, and back-office transaction processing can easily be wiped out by automation” (Connley). However, technology replaces jobs, not work. The development of technology is bringing machines and new techniques to companies that make them save time and reduce the cost of production. Machines are substituting human labor and taking over their places, but when machines come to take jobs, they bring with new jobs included for human.

The implementation of machines in companies does not take away the opportunity to get hired. As an example, the robots on the production lines are now required of maintenance, vigilance, and control to be operated for certain tasks for which they are not able to do by themselves at all. Indeed, technology and machines allow current and new employees to acquire new skills to get hired on different roles, with better conditions and most of the time with a better salary for the skill learned. Therefore, the machines might be smart, but somehow, they always will depend on the human control, because machines make our lives easier and we gain more for having them than what they might take for us.

In conclusion, technology is what is making people stronger by enhancing progress in our lifestyles. Technology is blending in all the branches that are relevant for us, since personal aspects to big changes as a society. Technology is already and it keeps becoming powerful to look and move forward humanity in the world. Medicine, education, communication, and transportation are some of the branches affected by technology. Consequently, technology is building the future, lengthening lives, bringing people together and making the world more efficient and productive. We are living in the new modern century where technology requires us to get skilled and be aware on how much we need technology as part of making our lives easier and better for the present and future, where technology is and belong on every detail of our daily journal.

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