Technology Is Not Limiting Creativity

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Technology does not limit creativity but rather technology-enhanced creativity. Technology is a big part of our culture nowadays as we are in the modern age. With technology being so ubiquitous, it is not surprising that kids and young adults are using technology for their pleasure. Examples of that are playing videogames, watching television, and playing games on smartphones. Technology isn’t just for fun. People use technology to boost their knowledge, helping expand their creativity. As a student, I need technology for my studies, projects, and assignments. It helps me come up with new ideas and different ways to make my work more creative.

Certainly, we are expected to be more creative in our working lives than a generation ago by expanding possibilities and automating part of the creative process, we can all be more creative and productive. The truth is that technology and creativity combined and complement each other for it develops new ideas or contents. Technology has benefits of how can technology impacted creativity. For example, Innovation. Innovation is that having or to create a new idea for improving such things. Far from killing creativity, technology allows for a greater proliferation of ideas and products, which means more inspiration. Eric Colson, the chief algorithms officer at Stitch Fix, has said that machines “expand the number of possibilities that a human designer can consider”.

As we know that technology can produce some other things or we say new inventions or can create new technology as well. From that statement, I can tell that technology cannot limit creativity because first of all if we go back to what I say, “produce” and “create”. Then, how can technology limits creativity when technology at first can create new things originally to form other things? Technology is a tool, nothing more, nothing less, whether you choose to use the tool or not, will depend on how useful you believe the tool is.

It is because it is just we, can limit our creativity. Technology is a tool that can be used for helping to produce and to create more creative ideas. Technology has many different platforms that allow people to express creativity, anywhere from social media sites to different video games. One of the biggest websites that are based around creative thinking is YouTube. This website is a collective source of videos that people have created to entertain people through their videos. Another popular way that technology has given people access to express their creativity is the game Minecraft where you build whatever your imagination desires.


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One of the most commonly asked questions is, has technology affected our creativity? Technology does not suppress creativity , in fact, technology enhances creativity. The difference between the two is that creativity comes from observing the world, interpreting it and bringing us new concepts and ideas.
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No, technology does not make us less creative. In fact, it can provide us with new ways to be creative.
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No, technology is not limiting creativity. In fact, it is often said that technology enhances and expands creativity.
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