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Gerald Desmond Bridge Vs Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is made of stone and is elected across the Grand Canal. The conditions on the ground resulted to collapse of the work on several occasions. It is located on alluvial soil which normally consolidated and the surroundings are slowly sinking and these resulted in the collapse of the bridge. The level of the…




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Human Access to Space flight

The answers to some of the greatest philosophical questions humans have ever had – where did we come from, what is the meaning of life, are we alone? – can potentially be unlocked by looking out into space. Arguments about the cost vs. reward of these programs occasionally creep up, but the economics of space…




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Glass Part of the Interior

The interior partitions separate habitable spaces from non-habitable spaces in contact with the outside. Constantly fiery, and wanting your own space, sometimes a partition can be installed. Different office partitions have different characteristics, but they can provide various places to block vision, increase space, and add elegance, especially. We know that many companies’ office areas…



The Glass

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Enhanced Homogeneous Space Coding with Defective Synchronization

Abstract Improved Differential distributed space-time coding (I-DDSTC) has been considered to improve both diversity and data rate in cooperative communications in the absence of channel information. However, conventionally, it is assumed that relays are perfectly synchronized in the symbol level. In practice, this assumption is easily violated due to the distributed nature of the relay…




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Innovative Bridge Construction System

In this document, we will try to understand the requirements involved in developing an innovative concept for “Innovative Bridge Construction System”. The purpose of promoting this idea is to avoid the detours of traffic, avoid time delays in travels of the Traffic. The most situations that are at present in existence remain the systems which…




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Glass on Touch Phones

When taking a look at our phones, we usually associate the advancements and technology with engineering and coding, however, our phones actually rely on chemistry more than we think. In reality, smartphones are composed of 70 stable elements and many of these phones usually contain more than 62 different kinds of metals. In fact, rare-earth…



The Glass

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Application of Commercial Transport in Business

The aviation industry has had a long- standing relationship with computer science. Developments in avionics, computer-aided design and flight management software, are just a couple examples of how computer science has permeated throughout all aspects of the industry. Today, with more passengers choosing to fly than ever before, demand for connectivity has also never been…



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Space Worker Katherine Goble Johnson

Hello, my name is Caroline Bowman and I am a student working at Margaret B. Pollard Middle School in Chapel Hill North Carolina. I am writing to inform you about a space worker, Katherine Goble Johnson. The information below contains details about Biography, the Legacy and importance, and how they are important today. To begin,…




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Development of the Space Flight Industry

The possibility of manned flight had been a dream and fascination for centuries, with artists like Leonardo da Vinci depicting images of flying machines and inventors creating gliders and heavier-than-air flying machines as early as 1010 C.E. (White). It wasn’t until the 20th century that heavier-than-air-flying machines would become a reality. After human flight was…




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Analysis of Smartphone Industry on Porter’s Five Forces Model

The smartphone industry in 2012 has moderate to high profit potential. Analysis of the industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model of Industry Competitive Structure reveals that most of the forces are relatively weak. The incumbent firms in the smartphone industry include Research in Motion (RIM), Google, Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. These companies use several different…




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Today, technology is continuing to advance at rates never seen before. Technological innovations are playing a significant role in our life, and have made our life easier by allowing us to carry out a wide range of tasks by using our portable devices. It’s amazing to look back and see just how far technology has improved from decades ago.

Furthermore, the growth in the technology and globalization helped people to connected to each other in different ways. For instance, some of this connection could be social, economical, environmentally, or even politically. Nowadays, with the growth of technology and social media we get inform about what is happening around us. For example, look at the use of Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or ext. As it happens, before people were use most of this social media to only post pictures and videos but these days we will see how people all around the world advertise for their business and by using the popular platforms try to make a rise in their market share. We should remember with the growth of the technology in the globalization even for applying for simple jobs such as being a cashier or working at the restaurants people need to send their resume online. “Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Comcast, and McDonald’s, now only accept job applications online. Internet use is prevalent among 94 percent of jobholders across industries, including non-technology firms, big corporations, and small businesses” (Byrum 2015).

To conclude, technology give us the ability to be more informative and knowledgeable about the world. We live in a world that is becoming more adaptable to the advance teleology, in the way we have the ability to input the information into the programs and by using the technology and programming control what interests us. However, using the technology like any other aspects in our life has it’s owns pros and cons in our daily life. It is just the matter of how we are controlling the use of these gadgets.

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