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Analysis of Smartphone Industry on Porter’s Five Forces Model

The smartphone industry in 2012 has moderate to high profit potential. Analysis of the industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model of Industry Competitive Structure reveals that most of the forces are relatively weak. The incumbent firms in the smartphone industry include Research in Motion (RIM), Google, Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. These companies use several different…




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Impact of Smartphones on Modern Life

Smartphone technology has become a great part of the American culture as well as the entire world. A smartphone can be seen in any place you go, and in the hands of almost all groups of people. The technology looks like it appeared suddenly, and perhaps it is going to stay with us for a…



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The Smartphones Negative Effects on Cognitive Functioning

Introduction As technology has become increasingly more relevant in our daily lives, they have also become more of a hazard to our various cognitive functions. Having changed the landscape of modern society, smartphones are undeniably an important part of our daily lives. Smartphones allow ever more access to the internet, media and other applications. They…




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Analysis of Apple Smartphones Consumer Behavior

The Consumer Behavior Problem When choosing the smartphone that best fits their needs, consumers are given choices between many brands. Among those brands are the market leaders including Apple, Samsung, and Google; as well as secondary brands like LG, HTC, and Motorola. Each brand has its own qualities that separates it from the others. Both…


Consumer Behavior,


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Smartphone as the most Important Digital Device

Introduction In today’s highly globalized and competitive environment, technology has become a necessity is day to day activities of every individual. Smartphone’s, laptops and other related technologies have gained significant importance is every individual’s life. They are considered to be highly flexible and powerful (Ayanso, Cho & Lertwachara, 2014). However, it has also believed that…



Technology Addiction

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Marketing Strategy of Smartphones Company

Base on Canalys on August 4, 2014, Xiaomi’s noticeable growth, overcome big company like Samsung and Lenovo to become the largest manufacturer in China. Because of China is a potential market with billion popular. Xiaomi became the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Xiaomi manufactured 15 million smartphones in China, increasing from 4.4 million…




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Pros and Cons of Text Message

For the people of this generation texting is the ideal thing that everyone does, it is more convenient for this generation to just text everything because everyone has a smartphone. One thing with texting is that you don’t have to end a sentence with any punctuation. You can just keep talking and talking without anything…


Texting and Driving

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Smartphone Use and Heuristic Thinking

In the article, The brain in your pocket: Evidence that smartphones are used to supplant thinking written by Barr, Pennycook, Stolz, and Fugelsang, what is being is studied is whether smartphones have an impact on human’s ability to think for ourselves. The hypothesis that is being studied is whether heavy smartphone leads to people being…



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Which Smartphone is Better?

Ever come across to why people argue about which phone is better? The constant new releases of androids and iPhones competing to continue the higher up. Plenty are in favor of one or the other and yet it is very hard to choose with these new appearances, colors, and accessories that come with them. Now…



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Tips to Remove your Smartphone from a Water Damage

Smartphones have become way of life and we are hooked with it 24×7. Therefore the device that gets to stay with us for this long is prone to encounter certain accidents and get damaged while in use. The most common of all the damages is water damage. Any electronic stuff that encounter water damage may…



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