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Requirement Engineering: Types and Problems

Requirement engineering is a type of engineering which deals with the requirement of product before developing it. Requirement engineering is related to defining, documenting and maintaining the requirements in the engineering design process. Role of Requirement Engineering in SDLC In software development life cycle Requirement Engineering is among one of the most important phases. In…



Science And Technology

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Opportunities for Engineer in Educational Sphere

Considering Teaching over Civil Practice If one feels like they had enough of engineering or they are tired of engineering path, then it’s never too late to switch to education career. This does not necessary mean you have to start afresh by getting another bachelor’s degree in education. Considering the new generation from the one…



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Lack of Engineering Innovation in Philippines

Technology is the application that all of the knowledge of each person had possessed had gone through, understanding each and every principle that would be connected to that specific field. This comes in different forms and specializations, from the medical fields, to military fields, up Engineering, which had come from the simplest applications of technology,…




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Why I Interested in Mechanical Engineering Career

Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines that benefit society and help the community for the better. The inner workings of thermal generators and motors fascinate me and I would love to continue to educate myself more on it. Mechanical engineers design many different complex machines, have various different work environments, and are able to have a…



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Mechanical Engineering Job Outlook

Many of us go to college is to get that dream job. We put in countless hours pouring knowledge into our brains, and without a doubt, it is our biggest asset. However, not all dream jobs may be on the table right out of college. It is very important to understand where our chosen field…




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Agricultural Engineering Job

Is the job right for me, Students who are interested in studying agricultural engineering will benefit from taking high school courses in math and science. University students take courses in calculus, physics, biology, and chemistry, business, public policy, and economics. For jobs in agricultural engineering you will need a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees in agricultural…



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Why Choose Engineering

The consequences of failure or structural malfunction may include loss of human life, economic and environmental damages. Durability/Safety analysis of structures will play an important role in reducing such accidents by checking the probability of failure at structural design stages. It is known that construction works are complex processes that are associated with uncertainties at…



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Risk Management in Safety Engineering

Safety has been defined as freedom from unacceptable risks, personal harms or the elimination of the danger where the danger represent the balance between the chance for an accident and the consequences of it. Concepts of Safety Engineering includes providing intrinsically develop safe equipment, systems, processes and facilities for Engineers and other staff. At the…



Science And Technology

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What is Mechanical Engineering

What is the History of Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering has always interested me in many ways. There is so much history in mechanical engineering. People have used it for many many years, but they probably didn’t know that they were even using mechanical engineering. One of the first times that someone recorded using mechanical engineering…



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Benefits of Job in Mechanical Engineering Field

There are a lot of mechanical engineers all over the world. To become a mechanical engineer you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. The BLS reports that a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is necessary for most entry-level positions in the field, some others earn an engineering license, and others obtain certifications. The…



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