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Three Type of Innovations in Tata Group

Introduction The concept of family-owned businesses in India has been a long-standing tradition. In the past, industrial sectors were divided amongst the businessmen on the basis of family names. For instance, the surname ‘soonawala’ was associated with goldsmiths, ‘lakdawala’ with timber shops, and ‘rassiwala’ with traders of ropes. However, the term “family business” has gained…



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Solar Innovation Technology

Introduction In today’s technologically advanced world, emerging technology means that new technical advancements and innovations are being made. As the population of the world increases, more emerging technologies will be needed and expanded. With this growing population a need for energy increases as well. These emerging technologies in agriculture today benefit farmers, people who rely…


Solar Energy,


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Importance of Innovation and Change in Management

This paper seeks to define basic terms, to explain and discuss necessary details involving innovation and change to how paramount it is to an organizational profitability, productivity and corporate social corporate responsibility in the Jamaican context. The project further goes on to answering these questions. What is innovation and change; and the difference between the…




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Innovation Adoption in Tourism Organizations

The prologue to innovation adoption has brought about a number of theoretical frameworks proposed to investigate the major factors affecting adoption of new innovation and technologies. As a result a lot of explanatory variables have been identified to measure and predict how those factors are affecting adoption of new innovation and technologies. Nevertheless, most of…




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Integrated Innovations in Companies

Innovation is vital to a firm’s competitive edge and long-term success. This means a company must be capable of mastering inherent changes in the future. At the same time, however, companies often lack the ability to flourish in innovation and struggle to deal quickly and effectively with these changes. Companies are taking a greater interest…



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Three Types of Innovations

The innovation I understand is to first deeply understand the old things, and then to reorganize the old things’ elements under the conditions of meeting the requirements of the times, in order to achieve new breakthroughs in the old things and meet the old needs of people in new forms. Innovation is a combination of…




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Implementing Sustainable Innovation in Developing Countries

While ‘leapfrogging’ does conjure up images of small frogs jumping over each other, in a sustainable context, it means that countries skip steps in development due to technological innovation. If countries reached the point of industrialization they wouldn’t have to rely on fossil fuels to stimulate their economies. Instead, implementation of technology in the form…




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Underinvestment Problems Concerning Innovation

In technology intensive sectors such as the automobile industry or anything remotely related to IT, there is an ever-demanding need for flexibility, change and thus innovation. We would expect tremendous amounts of expenditures regarding innovation and R&D to keep competitors at an arm’s length. However, research[1] has shown that our expectations may not always be…



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Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System

BACKGROUND An automatic wireless health monitoring system is an extension of a hospital medical system where a patient’s vital body state can be monitored remotely. Traditionally, different hospitals used large and very complex detection systems which consumed much power. Nevertheless, nowadays simple programmable systems are preferred in monitoring process of the patients’ body state. They are used because…



Science And Technology

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Lack of Engineering Innovation in Philippines

Technology is the application that all of the knowledge of each person had possessed had gone through, understanding each and every principle that would be connected to that specific field. This comes in different forms and specializations, from the medical fields, to military fields, up Engineering, which had come from the simplest applications of technology,…




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