Technology is Steering to Unemployment

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I picked this topic because I see many youngsters who have left their village to find a better job in developed cities but due to the growth in technology they are left unemployed. Technology has been a cause of unemployment for centuries. When cars were invented as a source of travel for the first time in the world, all the bullock cart riders faced unemployment. The invention of heavy machinery for agricultural purposes many labors faced unemployment. The invention of shopping apps like Amazon and Flipkart was a cause of business problems for retailers. The invention of taxi apps like Uber and Ola caused unemployment for taxi drivers.

When Television was first invented Radio lost its importance. When the computers were invented lots of people doing clerical works lost their jobs. Due to the new technology many jobs were lost but many new jobs were invented too. Lots of people now work in automobile industry. Lots of taxi drivers became Ola and Uber drivers. With the help of television advertisement became a mainstream industry. Today advertisement industry is giving employment to lots of people. Ultimately, technology makes human life better.

The most important thing technology does is to save time taking tasks. Speed and organization are one of the promises of technology. A new study states that social media with television and video games are immense part of the standard American’s life and are responsible for the many important hours that are wasted. The study was done by PlayUSA found that the average American spends 1,471 hours (61 days) watching TV per year. Video games are played 382 hours of those and social media 382 hours per year. Roughly 631 billion hours totally are wasted by the Americans. It is estimated that 210 million users undergo from internet addiction.

Technology has an effect on user’s mental and physical health. The excess use of technology can cause psychological issues like distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. Technology also causes physical problems like eyesight problem, hearing loss, neck strain…etc. The American Psychological Association states tension as “a feeling characterized by feelings by emotions of tension, worried thinking and physical changes like blood pressure.” While most people will have these sensation repeatedly, it can lead to anxiety which can disable the sufferers. A new game PUBG was introduced among the children and it became rapidly famous among everybody. It is played by grouping with your friends and if anyone loses they get depressed and angry. Technology is also a cause of obesity. The lack of physical activities causes the obesity in childhood. Technology has also been a cause of lack of physical activities.

Before the invention of the mobile phones everyone used to play a lot outside but the invention of phones caused the children to sit like idols in front of TV’s and mobile phones. This causes obesity and malnutrition disorders. About one-third of the American children are heavy and overweight and making obesity one of the troubles for the parents in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatrics has approximated that the standard time the children spend on television is more than seven hours, surfing the internet and playing video games. While it is a desire to keep the technology on to keep the children busy, spending too much time on gadgets may imprint bad habits on one’s adulthood. According to an analysis about obesity in 2012 it was observed that the more use of mobile, television, laptop and video games increases obesity chances. In every country of the world there is issue that the mobile phones result in loss of memory. The people forget what they were supposed to do when they got up from there mobiles and it’s not easy to remember what to do. This problem occurs in every house either with small children or parents.

We all are having fun in our lives not interested what will happen to us when we sit all day in front of the gadgets. It causes the bones to be weak. There is security breach as hackers hack your devices, games and even accounts. Your personal information goes there with the unknown people which you do not want to be shared. Privacy protection issues arise in Europe and moves to United States.

The rumors spread through social media create problem for the people those related to the rumor. It makes them difficult to roam around in public. It creates Tension and misunderstanding between people and different relationships are effected. Fake accounts are made through which many people are traced, tracked and disturbed through messages about their personal life. Impatience and anger are also a caused by technology. When there is network issue many people break their gadgets in anger.

The technology is making the students lose their grades. The technology is the main reason students don’t focus on their studies. They have their mobile phones in their hands texting their friends, listening to songs or playing video games. The mobile radiations effect the body systems and they don’t function properly. Soundcloud is an app full of music through which you can download and listen the music offline and online. The technology impacts the child growth as well. The immune system and all the working system get effected. Social skills develop and people interact with each other. They get wider friend circle and they also get knowledge about the types of people living in this world. They get different kind of knowledge through different apps and websites. The apps like Instagram tells us about the personal life and many people can learn things from it.

Media helps many people raise their voices and different cases which were shut down due to the pressure. It makes us aware about the current global issues and atmosphere. It entertains us through many dramas, movies, songs and shows either news or historical. It also publicizes some issues which are not appropriate for everyone to watch. Technology causes lonliness. No one is near each other these days. The ones far away from you are near you today due to technology and the ones near you are far away. We all sit in front of our gadgets almost the whole day not knowing what’s happening in this world or in our home. This loneliness causes a suicides to occur all over the world either the countries are developed or not. Lonliness causes people to take drugs because they are depressed. It very common in today’s world that children are getting used to having drugs.

It’s more than a quarter (27%) of the contributor reported emotions of high levels of social isolation, the researchers found out. And the immense social media use was connected to greater 12 feelings of social lonliness according to the study. To confirm how social media use and sentiments of civil isolation were related, the researchers sent forms to more than 1,700 U.S adults’ ages 19 to 32. The forms determined how socially isolated a person felt, as well as how lonely a person felt as well as how much and how often the contestant used 11 social media platforms which include, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The invention of CCTV cameras has a lot of control over the crimes. It is easier to catch the criminals as they are captured in the cameras and then identified the police. The ratio of crime has reduced in every country due to the CCTV’s. Even though the invention of computer has some negative effects but it has been making lives easier for everyone too. The CCTV cameras make your houses, buildings and malls safe.

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