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Jane’s Lack of Experience in the Novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Inside Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel, Jane Bennet demonstrates naivety; Jane’s behavior illustrates lack of experience. On this note, Jane assumes that George Wickham’s breakup with Mary King is not hurtful. Further, based on Caroline Bingley’s incitement, Jane believes that Charles Bingley is not interested in her. Moreover, even though she is interested in…




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An Analysis of the Novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, shows us how status, wealth, and class were valued by people living in the late 18th century. In the beginning, we are introduced to a large family of many unmarried young women who are fond of a successful man known as Mr. Bingley. Although none of the women have…




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A Discussion on Whether There is Pride in Serving the Military

Before the start of the American Revolution, the colonists were getting very aggravated at the way Britain treated them. Taxes, tariffs, and restraints hampered the growth and development of the thirteen colonies. Finally, the colonists, as a represented group, wrote the Declaration of Independence and told Britain to leave them alone. Britain, being the super-power…




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National Pride: A Common Core Concept in Caribbean Music

National pride is the love or devotion of and sense of attachment to a person’s place of origin, their homeland. In almost every class we had this semester, Professor Washburne mentioned the words “pride” or “Latin identity.” We felt that this idea of national pride was something so central and so consistent among every genre…




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The Negative Pride of the Narrator in Scarlet Ibis, a Short Story by James Hurst

As the cutting crew says in one of their songs, “you just died in my arms tonight” and if society went through so much trouble and had so much pride that a person’s own brother died in your arms as the narrator did, I’d imagine the guilt would never leave one’s conscience. A boy named…



The Scarlet Ibis

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The Start Challenge of Ones Masculinity to retain Pride in The Iliad

In terms of pride, the Iliad can be interpreted as a stark challenge of ones masculinity to retain pride through being influenced and living up to the expectations and preconceived perceptions of external forces. Homer is then able to explore the implications of this prevalent theme through the use of different characters as the play…




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Importance of Pride Building in the Workplace

Pride plays a major role in our lives. Students take pride when they passed a test or graduate from school. Sports fans take pride when their team wins; soccer and basketball fans show testosterone spikes after a victory, and college students are more likely to wear school shirts after a football win. Parents take pride…




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The Benefits and Tragedy of Pride within an Individual

The characteristic of pride is a quality that can lead someone to great benefits but also, hinder their success and evoke their downfall. We see this characteristic in many characters throughout literature. Mainly, two characters who greatly absorb all aspects of pride in their experiences are Dr. Faustus in Christopher Marlowe’s play Doctor Faustus and…


Theme In Literature

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The Painful Cost of Pride

The Bible warns humanity that since God hates the sin of pride, and He will discipline those who are prideful. It goes to explain in various verses that God detests pride, since it wreaks destruction upon those whom He loves. This idea about arrogance and hubris is also seen in Greek mythology. People that disrupt…

Greek mythology,


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The Portrayal of Bravery in Amy Tan’s Short Story “Rules of the Game”

As brave as she already was, she stood up and became braver. Standing up made her verly is a 9 year old Chinese-American girl who was brave and whether it was right or wrong in what she did, it is not easy to stand up against your mother. In the fictional short story, “Rules of…




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