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Gender Identity: Nature or Nurture?

In “Night to his day” by Judith Lorber, the difference between gender and sex are specified and the three categories of gender are determined: Individual, society, and gender. She begins by explaining that humans are born sexed but are not gendered from birth. The sex is determined from birth but the gender is inherited from…


Gender Identity,

Nature Versus Nurture

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How Media Influences Gender Identity

There is a large discrepancy between the terms gender and sex. Gender refers to the way in which an individual portrays themselves in society, whether that be traits of masculinity or femininity. Whereas sex indicates the biological aspects between men and women, such as chromosomes, hormones, and internal and external organs. There is a vast…


Gender Identity,


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Issue of Gender and Sexual Identity in the Workplace

Introduction Today so many different aspects, issues and perceptions now effect the workplace environment. This creates challenges for companies and managers to comply to numerous regulations implemented by the government as well as keep a healthy, positive and sane setting for their employees. Employers not only need to adhere to the current laws they also…

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Human Sexuality,


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Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder is the psychological and behavioral distress of a person and their experiences based on sex and gender that was assigned at birth. Most people would refer to gender identity disorder as Transgender. Many people spend years of their life living in a body they do not feel psychologically able…


Gender Identity,


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Sex Differences and Gender Identity

In a day and age where we see new gender identities arising every day, the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ still continue to be used as synonyms. A major milestone in psychology was when RK Unger’s ideas in her paper ‘Toward a Redefinition of Sex and Gender’ led scholars to become more selective in their usage…


Gender Identity

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Difference between Sex and Gender Identity

Sex is the biological differences between men and women from before birth. There are three major classifications to determine sex: male, female, and intersex. Genital development is a fundamental way to determine if a person is biologically male or female. Gender is a person’s psychological identification as male or female and the characteristics they associate…


Gender Identity,

Human Sexuality

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Gender Identity and Attitudes

According to “Learning and doing gender,” Joan Z says that “Gendered patterns of belief and behavior influence us throughout our lives, from birth until old age, in almost every activity in which we engage (P184).” Gender associates with all the human behavior and accompany with our whole life. We cannot avoid gender, and gender already…


Gender Identity

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Socialized Gender Is a Common Phenomenon Today

The concept of gender and its various implications looms over various facets of our society, from workplaces to established laws. It’s evident that gender differences are replicated across cultures, whether it’s systematic or derives from individual decisions. We are surrounded by gender lore from a young age; it is omnipresent in various interactions, from entertainment…


Gender Identity,

Gender Socialization

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Understanding the Queer Gender

Over the past few years Queer has become something that society is slowly learning to embrace. Queer is defined in adjective form as something strange or odd, and in verb form as spoiled or ruined. But in society the word queer has been twisted and turned by the heterosexual community into a negative interpretation directly…


Gender Identity,


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Benefits of Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is used to describe gender identities that demonstrate a diversity of expression beyond the binary framework. It calls for the equal acknowledgement of and respect for individuals across a spectrum of gender identities. People who respect gender diversity, respect the choices others make about their life with regards to their gender. Over the…


Diversity In The Workplace,


Gender Identity

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What is Gender


Gender in a modern context is something that society has internalised into a binary idea. Gender and sex are no longer equated to the same definitions they once were; sex is what is referred to when speaking about the biological characteristics, while gender is more of a personal understanding and or experience of one’s own gender, and can exist outside of the stereotypical gender binary. Anne Fausto-Sterling’s book ‘Sexting the Body’ outlines that there is a strict binary culture at the moment, that ‘labelling someone a man or a woman is a social decision. We may use specific knowledge to help us make the decision, but only our beliefs on gender – not science – can define our sex. Furthermore, our beliefs about gender affect what kinds of knowledge scientists produce about sex in the first place’ (p.3) This essay will critically discuss key issues revolving around gender identity; how conservative culture and the lack of non-cisgendered representation throughout time has affected how modern society receives people’s identities.


Modern Day Conformity: Sex vs. Gender

Gender issues have been going on in the world for some time now. Imagine being born and being told what you must be from the beginning. No, and, if, or buts if you are born with a biological part you are required to act and dress according to that part. As kids, one was taught to understand and see other children as binary either boy or girl. Growing up everyone is raised believing the predetermined characteristic of what a typical run of the mill male and females should look and act like. However, due to this classical understanding of gender identity, it has become a topic that is misunderstood and misinterpreted as people confuse “sex” with “gender.” In this paper i will dive into the differences about sex and gender using information from sources such as Batya Greenwald’s ted-talk to convey how the issue of gender and sex has become so misunderstood and misinterpreted, and how the classically understanding of those words are becoming a tool to restrict certain individuals from expressing themselves on how they truly feel.

Gender is defined as the qualities in society that are tied with being a male and female. Batya Greenwald a passageworks lead faculty and a national board-certified teacher in her ted talk “how kindergarteners taught me about gender” speaks about the many myths about gender and in her talk amongst the many myths about gender she speaks on two that are mainstream. According to Batya Greenwald, the biggest myths about gender circulating in society since forever ago are that #1: “that gender is binary” this means that we have two choices to either be masculine male or feminine female no other choices no way around it. Myth #2 states according to Batya “sex and gender are the same thing” which according to Greenwald is false. Sex is defined as in common tongue our “birthday suit” Greenwald states that sex is “biology” she says it is “that moment at birth when someone picks us up looks between our leg and says it is a boy or it is a girl” sex is what is assigned to us at birth. In contrast to sex Gruenwald states that Gender identity is our understanding of how we feel inside. To sum up Batya Gruenwald’s main point, biological sex is what is “between our legs” while gender identity is “between our ears” meaning how we think of ourselves.

Greenwald focuses her talk mainly on transgender and agender children. she talks of the hardships they faced in a gendered world where people have a hard time grasping those who fall outside the characteristics that we have come to know as boys/girls. Greenwald pokes at the common stereotypes many people face growing up by asking questions “boys were you taught not to cry?” or “women were you taught to act like a lady” and because of those stereotypes many people did not want to do something because it was not appropriate. she goes on to convey how those stereotypes are forming the minds of children by telling a story of one of her students showed up to class with a pink shirt and the other kids made fun of him because of the color of his shirt. she goes on to say that by allowing the kids to list the gender rules for boys and girls they eventually realized that the rules are unfair and stupid, this proves that by breaking the gender stereotypes and rules at an early allows children to be proud and not be defined by their gender.

I think that the video had a lot to say about how people see gender and sex the similarities between how people see sex and gender and how we are programmed to see the two as the same from early as kindergarten and that is that it all is the same and that is where we mess up “sex is our biology our anatomy” gender is what you identify with, some boys feel like girls and some girls feel like boys that may sound confusing but masculine and feminine are acts you can act masculine and not be a boy and or male gender is like race I think it is important because that is something your born with and grow up with you cant hide your race or gender but if someone were to blindfolded you and introduced you to me and you only had to figure out what my gender and race was you would probably get it wrong therefore it is not fair that you can not act as you feel.

I think the message that Batya Greenwald is looking to convey is best illustrated by seventeenth-century philosopher Rene Descartes who came up with the famous saying “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes wanted to find a way to confirm that what he was talking with his eyes was true because according to 


Gender Identity & Equality

Investigating gender variation and asking how gender variation shapes the lives of people and communities who do not see themselves as transgender, but whose lives are shaped by abnormality of gender expectations is important. Gender normality shapes not just what it means to be a man or a woman, or what it means to be transgender but a person’s identity. Society tends to use the concept of defining one’s identity based off outer appearance. Inner identity is a misleading concept few tend to understand. It is vital to understand gender identity because society has changed and people can be more open about who they are, it is important to understand how people define themselves, and there are many negative consequences when people are not understood. 

It is important to understand that individuals who choose to identify differently than their birth sex because of the various struggles they face. Many deal with self-acceptance, and society acceptance issues. Some individuals choose to express themselves by their appearance as a way of self-acceptance. Although many choose to dress feminine or masculine, society perceives this in a negative matter.  In article “Longitudinal Associations between Gender and Ethnic-Racial Identity Felt Pressure from Family and Peers and Self-Esteem among African American and Latino/a Youth,” states that “Gender identity felt pressure is negatively associated with adjustment indices, including self-esteem, among children and early adolescents, and both gender and ethnic-racial identity felt pressure are negatively associated with self-esteem among young adults” (Aoyagi, et al 207-221). Due to the pressure this eventually leads to depression, and over the years suicide rates have increased among those who choose to be more open with how they identify. Imagine feeling not accepted or understood to the point where truing to ending a life as the answer simply because of self-expression. Understanding and being more open to accepting people as they are could make an impact to lower these rates. 

A negative consequence that many come across is discrimination. Even though many who choose to be open with who they are and consider it to be their normal, some view it has taboo. Those with opposing views, often tend to base their opinion of law policy. Some in society see it as wrong or oppose because there aren’t many laws that obtain to gender identity and the protection of trans identity. Written in the report “Gender Identity Policies In Schools: What Congress, the Courts, and the Trump Administration Should Do” it says “The report never acknowledges or addresses (a) legal opinions that gender identity discrimination is a form of sex discrimination; (b) the near-consensus within the medical, scientific, and educational communities concerning how transgender students should be treated; and (c) other research or literature shedding light on the appropriate care for and education of transgender youth” (Roberts et al). When it comes to trans and gender identity the law is limited because there is not a national crisis on discrimination and treatment. It is more of a choosing on the states to deicide if they set policies to protect discrimination that occurs towards identity identification. People who chose to identify different shouldn’t be restrained or limited to the law that should be protecting every induvial equally. Just because someone is comfortable in their own skin they shouldn’t be penalized by someone else’s mistreatment and not feel protected fairly by the law. The system fails to acknowledge this social issue.

Its pretty normal to be shocked, or surprised, or even uncomfortable when you come across someone breaking gender barriers. When it comes to gender identity it’s more of an internal, rooted and central part of a person’s sense of themselves. However, a way that someone expresses their gender is not necessarily how they identify their gender. An example of a better understanding is in the new letter “Teaching students to question assumptions about gender and Sexuality”. Introduces the idea “Many people identify as neither male nor female, or they place themselves somewhere along the continuum from hypermasculine to hyperfeminine (Blackburn, and Pennell 28). Apart from using appearance as a form of expression some use pronouns as a way to identify who they are. We tend to think gender is a fixed quality but its more then that’s its traits one carries inside. If society could see its about more than a physical appearance its how a person chooses to define who they are not what’s being perceived. As actor Emma Watson quoted “It’s time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

 The importance to understand how people define themselves when it comes to gender, and how there are many negative consequences when people are not understood. Like deductions of self-harm rates and becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to understanding someone mind set of self-acceptance. Understanding the various struggles of gender identity on a more constitutional side. Also how gender variation and asking how gender variation shapes the lives of people by knowing their preferences. Gender is varied in many forms and is viewed in different ways. In the end only a person’s inner identity and knowing who they are is what matters. Just because you chose to identify differently than your birth sex does not change the fact that you are human. Gender identity does not limit a person ability to be the best version of themselves!

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