Finding My Purpose

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I moved to Farmington Hills, Michigan when I was 14 years old after leaving the only place I’d ever known. When I started school here I was very shy and quiet because I didn’t know anyone, but as time went on I made a few friends, meet new people, and started my new life here. I was adjusting and doing fine until I found out that my grandmother was very sick and had been for some time. I was shocked and hurt that something bad could happen to me. I just thought bad things happen in the movies, not to people like me. But they happen to everyone and I was no exception to the circle of life.

Soon after I found out my grandmother was sick she passed away. With her short time left I watched her waste away and it really hit me hard to lose my favorite person in the world. My grandmother was my everything to me. She would do anything for me, she was a second mother, if I was hurt she’d be the first person taking care of me, she always made sure I had a full stomach while with her and did so much more. But her death triggered something else which was my depression. And after a while I found that I wasn’t even that upset that she passed anymore I learned to accept it but I was just always sad. I found myself staying home instead of going out and ended laying in my bed for days then soon isolating myself from everyone and everything. I had wound up in a deep dark hole at a bottom and saw no way out.

This went on for another year and it just went from bad to worse. All I did was go to school the days I could get out of bed and while there I’d be paralyzed by anxiety the and couldn’t get much done. I soon saw all my problems as if they were the end of the world. Eventually, I became a true nihilist. After going through a sea of therapists I thought that this hurt I was feeling would never end. I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression then later Bipolar disorder. Being diagnosed with these disorders just made me feel like what I had been going through would be forever. Then I got to a breaking point and made the decision that I should just take my life. I thought it would be easier for everyone if I could just disappear ,and especially for me.

So in winter of my sophomore year on what I planned on being my last day alive, I went to my presumed final therapist appointment. I insinuated a farewell to my therapist. She figured out soon after that I was planning to do something bad and told my mother I needed to be evaluated at the hospital. That day will forever be ingrained in my memory because it was the day my life changed forever. I ended up in the hospital because I almost tried to take my own life. I saw how I broke my mother’s heart and almost made a big mistake that would’ve been a permanent solution to my long seeming but temporary problem.

After I was in the hospital I started a new therapist who was a better fit. My new therapist didn’t last long but did help me in healing from one of the weakest points in my life. Through continuous therapy, I began to come out of the hole I had burrowed myself so deep in. Learning a lot about life and myself really helped me grow. Soon I started to go out again I made new friends, paid more attention in school, and I joined clubs at school and started to really live a normal life again. Also, I found interest in things again and one of those was the earth and how I want to help it. I realized I have a passion for the planet when I kept hearing in the news about how bad global warming was affecting it. I knew after hearing a report from The Guardian newspaper that we would have twelve years left on earth until global warming gets to a breaking point and the human race is destroyed that. I felt that someone needed to do something about it and why not it be me. I learned later that environmental science is the study just to do that.

As time went on I later started a new therapist who is my current one and has really helped me with my mental health. Some ways she’s helped me was by giving me coping skills and helping me understand that other people struggle to and I wasn’t alone. By coming to that realization had a powerful impact on my outlook on mental health. I realized that it took me almost losing my life to realize how important it is for me to live it and that I was saved because I’m meant to do bigger things. Such as helping to save the planet.

Currently, I’m living a much better life. I have a 3.1 GPA which in the past I never would’ve found attainable. I know a 3.1 GPA isn’t great but it is something I’m working every day to make a 4.0. But when I decided to try at things again and live life I found that I can do anything I set out to accomplish. In the end, I realized that just because it’s a bad time that it does not make it a bad life. Now that I am figuring out the meaning of my life I know that Wayne State University would be a great place to start my journey in higher education and my mission to help build a better world.

There are multiple reasons I have pursued Wayne State University. This University and its programs have a great reputation and are one of the top schools in the Midwest. It is my preference to pursue my education close to home and attend a University with a diverse student body. This institution meets my preferences and is in an exhilarating environment located in the rapidly growing Detroit area. I’ve reviewed the programs at Wayne State University and I know that it is in line with my goals of pursuing a major in Environmental Science with a minor in Spanish. Another attraction to the school is the legacy of my family. I’d be honored to attend a school where my older sister is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work. My uncle obtained his degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University as well, my grandmother who I referenced also obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at your institution later opening a Counseling Center in Detroit.

I also look forward to being a strong participant in campus activities and clubs. In school I am very active. I participate in marching band where I’ve earned a varsity letter, Christian club, black student union, dance, and tennis where I’ve also earned a varsity letter and chevrons. Since I am very involved in school currently I know that I would be a good fit when it comes to being involved in different clubs on campus if admitted.

Throughout my high school career it’s been a very long journey where I have gotten stuck but in the end I managed to advance. I know that everyday won’t be perfect and I might every now and then have a rough time but I will most definitely work hard and persevere. I appreciate your consideration for admittance to Wayne State University.


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