Finding Your Contentment

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When someone makes the statement of ‘looking to Alter their consciousness’, typically they are looking to experience a state of acceptance, and highness. Altering the state of consciousness for most people would be the desire for complete contentment with the moment they are currently in, and for the ability to stay in that conscious awareness without falling back into their negative thought patterns.

When you are born it is said that as soon as you learn to sit up , you begin to rock yourself into highs. As you grow older you end up finding yourself in other states of awareness separate from the typical ordinary reality that most of us end up in with in our daily lives. The state of your consciousness ends up bring the most important thing that determines how you view your entire existence on earth. Although your conscious is a wonder thing, the down side to having one is that your mind can control it, and we all know when your mind controls you, and you don’t control your mind, it can take over how you see the world and control your conscious. The longer we are in this world and the more that we are exposed to it, the greater affect it can have on our brain. That is when curiosity hits us and the need to constituently want more is when the peak of high that you once had, starts to fade away.

Once we get older and learn about our Mental Health we understand our mental wellbeing and how our happiness can be determined on how well we can control our consciousness. When looking for a quick fix for the ability to become happy, people have turned to drugs, making it too easy to get an enormous amount of pleasure. The issue with drugs being a quick fix to achieve happiness is that it doesn’t stay very long and sometimes it doesn’t work, or can even lead to the opposite, being depression. Drugs can be any form of something that someone feel that they ‘need’ in order to become happy.

An extreme coffee users, the ones that can’t get their day started at all without a cup of coffee, would count as a quick fix of drug to make them happy and giving them a quick burst of contentment. The stimulation the coffee is providing will have its offsets later in the day with its lack of energy and the cloudiness you’ll end up feeling. When surveyed ‘Marijuana smokers find that their highs diminish in intensity the more frequently they smoked and chain smokes did not get high at all. Any users of psychedelics, heroin and amphetamines often look back at their earliest drug experience as the most pleasure.’ (Pollan) The big issues with drugs is that it may be able to give you this highness but the more you use it, the less of the effect it will have on you.

The question today is why do you need to seek drugs to find happiness or contentment? Is it because you’re feeling down, having negative thought patterns, feel like you’re having the hardest time trying to get to where you want to be, social media making you want to put yourself into the lifestyle blogger that you follow and look up to? These are just a few things that cause people to feel down and to feel like that aren’t enough for the world. Everyone has at some point of their lives experience negative thought patterns and it is totally natural. And anyone who has worked hard to overcome their negative thought patterns knows from experience that achieving contentment is not something that can happen overnight.

You will not see any good in anything if you are constantly looking for the bad. It is natural to overlook all the good things that happen to you and after you’ve done it so long your mind doesn’t waste energy keeping track of all those things that are going right. There are many possibilities that come to mind when searching for different methods of achieving highness and staying high, and those who really enjoy it, search for ways to achieve highness the natural way. There are many things that people will call natural, but if you are using a material or external, that you will have to give yourself, will end up becoming useless over time the more you put it in your body. Researchers have said that the main technique of achieving contentment is focusing on self-awareness and shaking out the molds of perception of others from being our number one focus. A persons attention can wonder constantly from one thought to another thought, never taking to time to be in one moment at a time.

In search of finding contentment some people have turned to Meditation. ‘Meditation is nothing other than directed concentrations’. Concentration is one of the most powerful abilities in the world. Sometimes when we are concentrating randomly with no efforts at all, we end up feeling a large amount of pleasure, or unusual single minded attention so far into concentration that we end up in an Altered State of Consciousness. We may end up experiencing these altered state of consciousness more often then we think and we all of have the capacity to alter this state, but usually when we realize we are content, we snap out of it and starts to let the mind wonder to other things that can take us off track from contentment. It is natural for us to be high and to want to achieve highness.

When searching for the way to achieve contentment, it is really you being in your most natural state possible. The problem with searching for highness, will require you to unlearn not being high in your altered state of consciousness. It is hard work and requires you to remove the habits you learned of worrying and fear, to be able to reach the contentment that is your basic state of the human nervous system.

After you achieve contentment you will better able to function in the world filled with people living ordinary lives. Between searching for highness, altering your consciousness, and achieving contentment you will become in control of your mind and body and find yourself in an altered state of consciousness.

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