4 Most Common Limiting Beliefs

Updated April 30, 2021

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4 Most Common Limiting Beliefs essay

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Did you know that you create your reality according to your level of perception?

The reason lies in how dynamic our thoughts, our attitudes, our feelings based on the information that is found, in part, in our belief system. Therefore, two people, with the same level of education and who have been raised in similar environments will have absolutely different lives.

In this article we talk about the 4 most common limiting beliefs that we come across frequently in our lives. You will find some of the most habitual beliefs that we store in our psyche and that stop us from creating the reality that we observe around us. We encourage you to take a look and if you connect in an essential way with any of them, we urge you to change your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and begin to enjoy the life you deserve.

  • I’m not capable of doing it

The typical feeling of insecurity that generates an endless loop of lack of confidence, existential impotence and sense of uselessness. Often these type of beliefs arise from a lack of self-esteem. The more you love yourself and the more you invest in your personal confidence, the less sense of incapacity you will have when carrying out new activities.

  • This is how I am – I cannot change my identity

You should unconditionally respect your personality, character, way of thinking, tastes, preferences, sexual orientation, ideologies etc. But at the same time you must give yourself the opportunity to change what hurts you or your surrounding the most. Refusing to change implies becoming engulfed in a situation of immobility. And immobility leads to frustration, chaos, existential discomfort and complaining. So it is always better to stop using your own self as an excuse and get out of your comfort zone.

  • It’s too much for me- I can’t do it

This limiting belief is a relative concept or a matter of perception. Many a times the task we need to do might be the easiest of ones but just because of some person’s negative review or your own mind-set you start believing that it is too much for you to do and you won’t be able to complete the task. And it is precisely because limiting beliefs like this certify our failure even before we start preparing for the task assigned. These type of limiting belief adds an extra level of difficulty in our mind when it comes to achieving our goals.

  • Oh! What am I going to do?

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs because it is based on an absolutely erroneous basis in terms of the ability to take responsibility for what you live. It implies that either there is no reliable will that you really want to solve a situation or that there is a limiting belief so strong that you feel incapable of resolving what is in your hand. In such situations never sit idle or just wonder what you are going to do, rather take action and start solving the problem by staying focused and overcoming all the barriers.

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4 Most Common Limiting Beliefs essay

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