Belief means “trust”

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Believing in education, hard work and honesty.

Belief means “trust”. Every person has its own belief in different types of things, and I believe in hard work, education and honesty. These qualities are my life’s foundations. According to me if we will believe in these then no one can stop us to get success and to achieve big goals in life. People face struggle in their life however, if they will fight like a warrior in every situation then definitely, they will come out from that bad problem and will live their life happily.

To initiate, hard work is recognized as a key to success. Hard work also plays a crucial role to become strong as well as to do best efforts in life. I believe that this quality is like an inspiration which motivates people. There are so many people in this world who believe in hard work because it is only because of hard work that people has reached the peak of success. Hard work begins from that part when people have no path or alternate, other than to do hard work in life. It is like a treasure for those who have their goals of life. Hard working person can not only change his life but also can change the others life by giving inspiration. I believe that people should never give up because if they will give up then they will not become successful, I think they should do efforts.

I believe in education because it’s a human being’s third eye. It is the only way to become educated as well as aware in this modern world because it always shows the right path in every field. Someone rightly said that education, one child, one book and one pen can change the world. Moreover, education helps to become a respectful person in the society. To become an educated person is mandatory but to provide education and awareness to others is also brilliant and more amazing. By providing education to others we can eradicate the problem of illiteracy from all over the world. Moreover, education also helps to learn moral values and in this era these values are very essential. We can also know about our heritage, ancient time and so on through education.

I believe that honesty is also an important part of our life. Someone has said right that “Honesty is the best policy” and I believe in this statement. If we will become honest then we will satisfy from the core of the heart and I believe that it also provides satisfaction to our mind. Furthermore, people should always be honest, and they should not speak lie and they should not hurt others.

Every person should have good qualities to survive easily in this world. If we will not change our self, then in the future it will lead to several problems which we have to face. If an individual will become good citizen, then people will appreciate and respect him in the society. So, it is the moral responsibility of every individual to live their life with these qualities because these are like pathways for success.


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Can you believe without trust?
To believe is to elicit positive approval or manifestation of something or an event that is true, real, or possible. “Believe” is a noun counterpart. Belief can exist without the element of trust or other similar foundation concepts like basis, reason, or verification.
What is the difference between belief faith and trust?
Belief is defined as an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Trust is defined as the belief that someone is reliable, good, honest, etc.
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