Scientific and Religious belief system differences

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What is the impact of Scientific and Religious belief differences, what problems arise from the diversity?

In this passage I plan to address issues, differences and perspective and discuss them thoroughly. I plan to point out issues due to the diversity in the belief systems and show the cause and effect that may be an issue and discover ways to possibly put an end to it. I will also be showing the power each belief system holds, and how it effects people using personal, national and global perspectives.

How do scientific and religious beliefs cause issues you may ask? Scientific belief is based upon fact and having the ability to prove theories scientifically, meanwhile Religious is based upon faith and trust that all is real, as that is the largest difference. The main issue that occurs from the differences is, scientists are trying to prove religious beliefs wrong, and it causes the religious people to become angry. Scientists are attempting to prove evolution against intelligent design, and it causes many religious believers to become upset and offended. It has caused nations to feud in the past. Scientists need to prove the theory of evolution has been banned in certain countries, as well as it still is in few places around the world. In the past, Catholic churches rejected those who supported or researched science, when things began to be proved scientifically it infuriated the churches.

In today\’s age we have schools that refuse to teach scientific beliefs, as well as we have schools that refuse to teach religious beliefs. This is proof that the religious and scientific war has not ended, wars in the past have been blamed on misunderstanding on both sides of the spectrum. In today\’s age there is still enormous amounts of misunderstanding that occurs and is often confused as conflict. The religious and scientific often retort to conflict when confrontment becomes, and instead of conversing and resolving, further problems occur. The two belief systems are in need of ending the conflict that has arisen throughout history and still lives on today.

Individually people can help dissolve some of the conflict by trying to understand. If people would listen to the other side and let them explain their beliefs and accept their differences, conflict between misunderstandings would not be as common. As well as if people tried to step back from what they personally believe in and change their perspective on their own beliefs, it may be a breakthrough on resolving conflict between nations.

The religious belief system is very powerful in the meaning of faith. Religion is based upon faith, which demands trust and the ability to believe that although there is no proof, all is real and holds power that is foreign to mankind. The scientific belief system is powerful by its base of fact, the factual evidence that the belief system with holds to prove its beliefs.

Things we can do in the future to help prevent conflict and possibly future war is, if everyone would try to reason with people from the other belief system. If nations would be more accepting of all individuals\’ beliefs and be open to more diversity. If globally each nation worked to be more united and accepting of each belief system people would have less to feud over and create conflict through the world.

Throughout my research I have found many things that sparked an interest and encouraged me to research more upon these subjects. Before my research, my personal perspective was less open minded to researching and discovering deeper into a different belief system that I personally do not agree with. Now that I have discovered deeper and took a closer look at different belief systems and considered other people\’s beliefs and theories, I have a mind that is more open to learning and discovering more about different belief systems that I previously have deiced stay isolated from.

In conclusion, the idea of scientific and religious belief systems considering retorting to acceptance of others, instead of conflict would help tremendously personally, nationally and globally. Acceptance is rare and without it, in the future there could possibly be more wars due to the belief systems or worse conflict than there has been historically.

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