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Concept of Identity in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

The study of colonial and postcolonial literature inherently involves the study of identity. Identity is a multidimensional word. Identity is a concept to state about the recognition of anything both identifiable and non-identifiable issues. The question of identity is the most controversial issue in postcolonial time and literature and it can be regarded the most…




National Identity and Language Role in It

Why is national identity important? Having a sense of identity is necessary because it allows people to stand out as individuals, develop a sense of well-being and importance, and fit in with various groups and cultures. Many cultures and societies place great value and significance on specific items, which hold symbolic meaning and gain respect…




Identity and Acculturation as Adaptation in Society

Symbolic integrationists believe that the identity is not an objective fact, but it is built through multiple interactions between the social actors. In the integrationist view, the concept of self is built and changed within our social life. Cooley came up with the theory that the self develops in relation to the other people as…

Cultural Identity,



The Struggles of Identity in the Latinx Community

As a human being it is interesting that we are so alike but different at the same time. We join and create groups so that we feel apart of something. What if you don’t feel like you fit in, that your different? Reality is your not alone. For millennia women and men have fought, and…




American and Filipino Identity

Everyone have their own identity. It can be as an individual, as a community or as a country. Individual differs from identity because of their race, culture, customs and traditions they have live and grown with, so as Filipinos and Westerners. Who am I? This is a question that most of the people don’t know…



United States

Identity and Role Confusion in Psychology

Young individuals create their path and identity as they are figuring out who they are, which isn’t always an easy task. Erik Erickson was a German Psychologist who is recognized in the psychology industry for his theory of the psychological development of people through eight stages ranging from infancy to adulthood. The eight stages include…




African American’s Identity Struggle

Double-consciousness is a crucial term in understanding the identity struggle that persists within an African American’s mind. The term was coined by W.E.B. Du Bois and describes it in that African Americans have a “peculiar sensation of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of…

African American,



Definition and Challenges of National Identity

National Identity has several definitions depending on the viewpoints of the issue in which we are trying to address. National Identity can be thought as a collective product (Kelman, Herbert (1997). Nationalism, Patriotism and National Identity: Social-Psychological Dimensions. Chicago: Nelson-Hall Publishers. pp. 171–173.) of which is a combination of all the different happenings dated back…



Identity Crisis in House Made of Dawn

Identity crisis is described as a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. Momaday’s some other works also deal with identity confusion and a quest for Native identity. In his The Way to Rainy Mountain, Momaday takes…



Athletic Identity

Participating in sports and understanding athletic identity can play a huge role in how people identify themselves. Sports allows people to express themselves and communicate with others. No matter where in the world you live, you have probably seen or watched sports to some fashion or degree. Sports and athletic identity can bring people together…



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