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Representations of Sexuality in Behn and Rochester

Throughout the years of literature, the ways in which sexuality is represented has progressed. In pre-modern works of literature, the outlook on sexuality was heavily based upon the patriarchal society in which people lived. Male sexuality and the desires of men were seen as normal and was connected to their characteristics as males. In addition,…

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Human Sexuality in Religion Aspect

In today’s society, we find that individuals are exposed to various sociological points that shape our perception of sexuality. People today have been influenced by many resourceful outlets such as media, internet, school, peer pressure from friends, sporting events, and music. Due to these outlets, sexuality has become one of the most profound subjects discussed…

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Human Sexuality and Social Norms

Our views about sexuality come from various aspects of our lives. These views come in the form of our social lives, our various cultures and religions, it comes from history that we have learned, and can even be shaped by the communities in which we live. This is why views about sexuality are so different…

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Social Norms

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Kink and BDSM Sexuality

Bisexuality, pansexuality, queer identity, and kink identity is from a publishing company named Routledge. It is a multinational publisher which specializes in providing academic books, journals, and online resources (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, n.d.). This article talks about non-traditional relationships and sexuality that include kink/BDSM sexualities and how they have important intersections with more…

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The Place of Michel Foucault’s Theories of Sexuality in Recent Trends

Human sexuality and its fluidity have proven to be elusive subjects to human understanding since time immemorial. Increasingly, humans have expressed a deserved desire to understand the underlying elements of their sexuality, the factors that affect said sexuality and other dynamics which may significantly weigh in. Scholars and commentators on the subject have been keen…

Human Sexuality

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Theology and Human Sexuality

In opposition to popular secular views on sex and sexuality, this paper represents a Christian worldview. It is a common misconception that God’s sole intention for sex is procreation. This paper presents Biblical evidence for procreation, connection and intimacy, as well as martial pleasure. God’s divine design is investigated while discussing flaws in sexual brokenness…

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Sexual Satisfaction

This article talks about how couple’s personality traits play a part in their sexual satisfaction. The researchers used the Big five to predict the sexual functioning in people that were in committed relationships. They took the data from the dairies of newlywed couples and used that to determine the relationship between these couples big five…

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Theme of Sexual Orientation in The Importance of Being Earnest

In The Importance of Being Earnest, the topic of every sexual orientation’s job in the public eye frequently focuses on power. In the Victorian world men had more prominent impact than ladies. Men settled on the choices for their families, while ladies worked around the house. Wilde brings up fascinating issues about sex jobs with…

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The Importance of Being Earnest

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The History of Homosexuality: A Russian Case Study

Introduction A man in Volgograd celebrates Russian Victory Day with two close friends, drinking a few beers. At 23 years old, he has hidden his identity for most of his life; tonight, he has finally built up the courage to come out to his friends as gay. Instead of giving him words of affirmation or…


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Sex and Sexuality in Pompeii

Sexual desire is a response to our biological drive, as well as social and psychological factors in which the way it is expressed today, may differ from past eras. Society plays a great role in what is ethically acceptable to be a sexual desire. Sexual expressions in humans are based on the sexual freedom of…

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