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Gender Challenges and Feminism in Alice Through the Looking Glass, a Novel by Lewis Carroll

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Gender Roles

In Lewis Carroll‘s Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice is a nine year-old female who leaves her private home into the unknown But, interpreting the novella through a feminist point of View shows that Carroll challenges the traditional patriarchal perception of gender by reversing gender roles In a patriarchal culture men cast as “rational, strong,…

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The Different Factors That May Contribute to the Outcome of a Negotiation

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Negotiation is essentially a consequential endeavor of social interactions that impacts individuals’ relationships, the advancements in their careers and even the amount of salaries they receive from their employers (Galinsky, Kray & Thompson, 2002). Negotiation has undergone massive and seismic changes in the last few years, A previously purely adversarial and a one-time occurrence has…

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Gender Trouble by Judith Butler Book Review

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Book Review


Gender Roles

The issue I chose for this paper is the idea of Sex or Gender in the book Gender Trouble by Judith Butler. The philosophic ideas in these books especially being so interesting for me is because when I was back in elementary school, I was so different from other girls. I loved doing sports, watching…

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Representation of Gender in Media

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Why gender in media? Should gender be considered in media? Media and gender mean the link between gender and media and how gender is described in the media tools. True gender is the most difficult serving, seeking to describe thing and far-reaching thing to come out of media. This due to the way that media…

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Understanding the Queer Gender

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Gender Identity


Over the past few years Queer has become something that society is slowly learning to embrace. Queer is defined in adjective form as something strange or odd, and in verb form as spoiled or ruined. But in society the word queer has been twisted and turned by the heterosexual community into a negative interpretation directly…

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Gender Studies and Issues

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Gender studies Gender studies are devoted to the study of gender identity and representation. It includes men, women and queer studies. Among which men’s studies include masculinities, women’s studies include feminism along with gender and political issues. Queer is about the sexual orientation originally centered on LGBT. Gender studies helps in the study of gender…

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Importance of Gender Diversity

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Gender Identity

Ever since I could remember I been pressured in conforming to my gender as a male. However, gender is an identity and ways we’re expected to behave based on sex. For example, I was expected to dress, behave, and present myself differently from my opposite gender, due to society and the gender norms. These behaviors…

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Gender Binary is an Outdated System

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Gender Identity

The gender binary refers to a system in which only two genders exist based on one’s sex which is based on their sex chromosomes, genitals, hormones and other factors. It is a system that is deeply entrenched in society, individuals are immediately classified as either male or female. Because the gender binary has been rooted…

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Influence Based on Gender on Modern Society

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Gender Roles


In today’s society, a lot of people are unable to understand some aspects of the opposite sex, in my opinion this is caused because of the way that gender influences a person’s identity it is not as strict as it used to be. Gender can cause influence in multiple different ways from what children want…

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Gender Prejudges in Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System


Gender Stereotypes

Women have been seen to commit less crime than men; however, if they are to commit any crimes, they are typically less violent, serious, and not as profitable. Studies have shown that Gender can be a support system for many acts of discrimination in various social mechanisms; promotions, grading at school, and job selection. Many…

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