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Representation of Gender in Media

Why gender in media? Should gender be considered in media? Media and gender mean the link between gender and media and how gender is described in the media tools. True gender is the most difficult serving, seeking to describe thing and far-reaching thing to come out of media. This due to the way that media…




Gender Studies and Issues

Gender studies Gender studies are devoted to the study of gender identity and representation. It includes men, women and queer studies. Among which men’s studies include masculinities, women’s studies include feminism along with gender and political issues. Queer is about the sexual orientation originally centered on LGBT. Gender studies helps in the study of gender…




Discussion of Gender Inequality in The House on Mango Street

Sandra Cisneros who in her book The House on Mango Street, tried to express the issues that Mexican American women had to live with every single day (Cisneros, 1991). Although many women have faced gender inequality at all levels, they can make the decision of enhancing their roles without cowing to gender inequality. The House…


Gender Inequality,

The House on Mango Street

Decision-Making Process of Men and Women

Abstract Three initiatives or three sets of interviews were conducted in order to determine how men and women are different in their decision-making process. The first subjects in the first interview are a married couple. Their interview results reveal that men tend to consider the physical or material utility of their decision outcomes, while women…

Decision Making,


Abby Wambach’s Speech

In today’s society, we believe that, over time, women have become equal to men. Yet men still dominate the top positions in the labour market, at the political scene and the sports world. Although men and women make the same sacrifices, sheds the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears, men often still have more…


Gender Inequality

Gender Listening Behavior Differences 

How Do The General Gender Listening Differences Are Described In The Readings? There are differences in listening between men and women with women taking into consideration other aspects of the environment for other important messages. Due to the emotional aspects of women, they tend to focus on the emotional aspect of any message (Global Listening…

Communication Skills,



Concept of Black Feminism

Black feminism proponents argue that black women are positioned within structures power in fundamentally different ways than white women. In this concept, the pronoun “ they”, will be interchangeably be used when referring to other race or gender. The pronoun carries negative undertones in which it can be used to refer to black women in…



Gender Identity,

Gender Roles

Benefits of Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is used to describe gender identities that demonstrate a diversity of expression beyond the binary framework. It calls for the equal acknowledgement of and respect for individuals across a spectrum of gender identities. People who respect gender diversity, respect the choices others make about their life with regards to their gender. Over the…


Diversity In The Workplace,


Gender Identity

Issues of Male Rape

Non-awareness of male rape is a Feminist issue. This research paper explores voluntary agencies responses to male victims and the attitudes toward male survivors of rape more specifically feminism, it will show knowledge by examining how these survivors experience help and how the “help” helps them if it is even there, and by examining feminist…



An Overview on Usage of Social Networking Sites With Reference to Gender

Many researchers were completed researches in gender variations in various disciplines of take a look at. Social media is a completely sizeable one wherein the behaviour sample of genders may be studies .Social Media is one of the maximum famous mediums of verbal exchange used in recent times. By Definition, Social media are computer-mediated technologies…


Social Media,

Social Networking

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