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Managerial Communication

 Introduction The management component of each organization needs communication to interact because it is so important in the organization. This communication is also intended to update policy-related workers to mitigate weather disasters, to ensure the safety of the entire management of the organization by observing the attitude of employees and the effectiveness of communication is…



Business Communication

Purpose The reason that I choose this title is because the title is quite interesting for me. I feel that social networking is become very important and useful in our daily life especially in communication. Social networking is also a useful tool for a company in the workplace, but there are many companies get loss…



Communication in Team

Effective communication among staff, students, patients, and agencies is important to deliver safe patient care and quality work. A communication failure may result in patient harm. A team should create an atmosphere where members express their concerns for effectiveness in achieving team outcomes (Gluyas, 2015). Also, role clarity and constructive culture are responsible for an…


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Communication in the Classroom

Communication is a vital aspect in education as it creates the relationships between learners and teachers. It is the center of all relationships and effective communication enhances the quality of the relationship. (Coetzee et al 2006:38) People interact through various types of communication. Teaching and classroom management take place by means of communication. Communication is…


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Developing and Sustaining High-Performance Work Teams

One characteristic of a performance-driven team is open communication. Open communication occurs when all members of a team are able to express their opinions freely that are considered in decision-making (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This is important, as members feel valued by the organization enhancing their commitment. Open communication is also important as it allows…



Types of Communication

Written Communication In the Care Home, there was a formal staff notice board in the senior nurse office that included information such as rotas for the following weeks, additional and mandatory training that is offered (e.g. fire safety, first aid), activities planned for the current week and any other relevant notices relating to work. There…


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Communication with Children

Children and young people need specific things to be able to build relationships. More so when building a professional and respectful relationship. They need to be able to trust you and feel reassured that you have their best interests in mind when communicating with them and spending time with them. To guarantee that your relationships…



Communication Skills

Benefits of Communication Technology for Kids and Teens

Technology is a vital a part of your life today. One technology that’s growing very rapidly now could be communication technology. Various findings and innovations in communication technology have brought you and us all to a brand new civilization. The very modern digital age makes communication technology provide benefits that you just have not imagined…


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Communication Barriers and Ways to Minimize the Distortions

During the communication process, there are environmental barriers, which disrupt the medium and distort the message affecting its purpose. Some of these barriers include language barrier, selective perception, and information filtering which may result in communication failure (Nhat Hanh, 2013). This makes it important to implement effective strategies to minimize the disruptions and distortions of…


Effective Communication

Rules in Business Communication

There are numerous methods of communication which we use in our business for communicating purpose. It does not matter if we are doing conversation face to face, by phone or through email each interaction needs to be professional. We would like to describe how to handle a situation of cancelling business lunch appointment at the…



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