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Socialization through Elementary Education

Starting at the age of 5 years old, kids all over the world begin their academic career as kindergarteners. None of them realize the very long journey ahead of them. We all start out in kindergarten, where we are taught the alphabet, how to read, and how to write uppercase and lowercase letters. We then…




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The Process of Socialization

Socialization is the process in which an individual adopts the material and non-material culture, values, and social norms of their society. Socialization begins at birth, from the moment we are born and will continue throughout adulthood, we adopt different aspects of socialization during different phases of our self-development. Charles Cooley (1864-1929) developed the concept of…




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Television as a Tool of Socialization

Television as a primary tool of socialization: A case study from the movie, “Rich kids of Beverly hill”. With the vast advancement in globalization, mass media has become one of the most powerful tools in educating, changing perception and behaviors of people. From a recent statistic, it has been revealed over 87% of homes in…



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Child Socialization

Daycare can have a positive or negative impact on a child’s life. Studies have shown that bad day care experiences can lead to weaker bonds with their mothers and are more likely to fight back. Studies have also shown that good day care experiences can lead to better outcomes later in life. Day care can…

Child Development,



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Schools and Socialization Institution

According to Ferrante (1992, p.115) socialization can best be defined as the lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn culture. The acquisition of skills, values, tradition, norms, culture on a whole, is done through interaction in small and large group situations (Ballantine & Hammack, 2012). These experiences are developed and…




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Socialization through Instagram

This paper explores my experiences and socialization through Instagram, the most popular social media platform of the decade. This specific platform was extremely influential to my adolescent socialization while attending Catholic private school for the first time. At this age, the mind is easily moulded and absorbs information involuntarily. Although most ideas portrayed on Instagram…




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Observation of Socialization

The Situation For my first observation, I chose to observe socialization at the 99 Cents Store which is my workplace. I chose to observe the continual socialization of my coworkers on Thursday 11th, 2018. In this day, I worked with different coworkers who participated in the day to day socialization practices that are visible on…



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The Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Debility Theory

One of the most absorbing, yet fundamental chapters to read at present is Sensoy’s and DiAngelo’s Is Everyone Really Equal? Sensoy and DiAngelo take actions toward a more impartial society accessible to all students of all ages. These authors illuminates the truth about social inequality. Sensoy and DiAngelo take a clear action towards oppression and…

Critical Race Theory,




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