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Respect in Society

Respect is literally described in three different dictionaries as a recognition or admiration of someone or something’s importance or quality. In my opinion, this definition goes far beyond respect. Respect is the pillar of the society we live in. While many define reverence as simply treating another person or thing with dignity, there are many…

Personal Values,



Television More Popular than Ever

Television is a form of entertainment we are all familiar with. Since its creation in 1927, its popularity has raised exponentially. It advertises businesses, runs shows, plays music and introduces us to many different things. Television, like all things, has its con list next to its pro list. Here is a comparison of the pros…



How Traditional Society has Transformed into Modern Society

Weber uses the term “rationalization” to describe how the Calvinists influenced Capitalism. He uses the term “rationalization” because he wants to explain the reasons behind why the Calvinsists were involved in contributing to the Capitalist movement, and changing the traditional economic system. Weber manages to go onto explain about Benjamin Franklin’s father, and how his…



Is Perfect Society Can Exist?

The world is complex and today’s social standards make living and acting of one’s own manner even more difficult. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we could create and establish a brand new society, a system that guarantees all groups equality and total rights for every person. Social standards make it even…



Society and Hurdles

Introduction Society has great impacts in everyone’s life. The country where an individual is born and raised within affects your way of living. I came from a country where the community and its social customs are valued more than one’s life. Rules such as, respecting elders, listening to their advice and following the family tradition…



Cashless Society

Merchant Link (2016) defines a cashless society as a society where transactions are made using cards and virtual payments rather than real money. It is observable that replacing physical cash completely with digital money will cause controversies as it can have both advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there is evidence that a cashless society with a…



Network Society

As we all have come to know that modern societies are in the activity of becoming network societies. The network society is the social structure of this new age where society is overwhelmed by systems that comprise of flat correspondence. ““Manuel Castells Oliván’ is a Spanish humanist particularly connected with research on the data society,…

Social Networking,


Class Structure In Victorian Society

In Victorian society the class structure consisted of three categories, Upper Class, Middle Class, and the Working Class. Class structure is defined as the hierarchical organization by which a society or community is divided into classes. The upper class was composed of the wealthier and more powerful families. Middle class still being a successful class…

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Modern Society through Durkheim and Weber

Weber and Durkheim’s theories of modern society have some similarities, but are mainly different in the way they determine the structure and creation of modern society. While the framework for a lot of their thinking is similar, the way they describe the differences between traditional and modern society varies. In order to describe their theories…



My Ideal Society

What makes a society truly “perfect”? Society is a group of people that live together in a more or less ordered community (…) A society is “ordered” but what is it that makes it run harmoniously and smooth? This is A question philosophers and politicians have spent generations trying to get answered. The idea of…


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