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Fate in the Monkey’s Paw and the Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe

Pages 3 (503 words)





Imagine you could wish for your heart’s desire. It could be anything you wanted. However, someone would have to die for your wish to come true. Remember, be careful of what you wish for; The consequences may be horrific. The idea of fate and symbolism, when mixed together, can make a lethal pair. Poe and…

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An Analysis of Gender Inequality in Sports

Pages 3 (602 words)


Gender Discrimination




Gender inequality issues are still prevalent in the 21″ century. Simply, take a look at the way in which advertisements, pop culture, the media, the common workplace, schools, and even sports, subliminally undervalue women and without question, honor men. Conventionally, most sports are perceived as being male dominated; however, as time progresses and the world…

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The Theme of Tradition and the Symbolism of The Lottery, a Short Story by Shirley Jackson

Pages 3 (527 words)




Jiddu Krishnamurti once said that “Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay.” In the story, The Lottery, the minds of the townspeople have decayed and been programmed to their skewed traditions. The author, Shirley Jackson shows us this through various symbols to display an overall theme of tradition…

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The Common Issues Discussed in the Stories “The Lottery” and “The One Who Walks Way from Omelas”

Pages 3 (546 words)




In both of the short stories, ‘the lottery’ by Shirley Jackson and ‘the one who walks away from Omelas’ by Ursula K LeGuin, the writer’s purpose is to challenge the reader to reflect on whether we accept the wrong in society or whether we challenge the wrong in society. ‘The lottery’ by Jackson is about…

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My Ideal Society

Pages 3 (633 words)


What makes a society truly “perfect”? Society is a group of people that live together in a more or less ordered community (…) A society is “ordered” but what is it that makes it run harmoniously and smooth? This is A question philosophers and politicians have spent generations trying to get answered. The idea of…

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Respect in Society Argumentative Essay

Pages 3 (736 words)

Personal Values



Respect is literally described in three different dictionaries as a recognition or admiration of someone or something’s importance or quality. In my opinion, this definition goes far beyond respect. Respect is the pillar of the society we live in. While many define reverence as simply treating another person or thing with dignity, there are many…

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Cashless Society

Pages 2 (484 words)



Merchant Link (2016) defines a cashless society as a society where transactions are made using cards and virtual payments rather than real money. It is observable that replacing physical cash completely with digital money will cause controversies as it can have both advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there is evidence that a cashless society with a…

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Modern Society through Durkheim and Weber

Pages 5 (1 225 words)



Weber and Durkheim’s theories of modern society have some similarities, but are mainly different in the way they determine the structure and creation of modern society. While the framework for a lot of their thinking is similar, the way they describe the differences between traditional and modern society varies. In order to describe their theories…

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The Flaws of the Justice System During the French Revolution in the Movie, Les Miserables and Novel, A Tale of Two Cities

Pages 3 (586 words)




In the late eighteenth century, a movement of terror revealed its mask. After the impulsive investment of France to profit a fruitless battle of the failed attempt to colonize North America, France had sunk into an ocean of deep debt. Despite the knowledge of the financial catastrophe. The French aristocrats continued their luxurious and extravagant…

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Television More Popular than Ever

Pages 2 (347 words)



Television is a form of entertainment we are all familiar with. Since its creation in 1927, its popularity has raised exponentially. It advertises businesses, runs shows, plays music and introduces us to many different things. Television, like all things, has its con list next to its pro list. Here is a comparison of the pros…

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