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Community Behavioral Change 

Promoting community behavioral change is an important change process where the community members are allowed to participate in the process in different aspects. In the implementation of community behavioral change, individual, group, and social efforts can be combined to enhance the effectiveness of this process (Michie, 2014). This can be achieved through community programs that…



Role Of Community Participation In Development

Talbot and Verrinder (2005) in Kirianki (2015) are of the view that Community participation is a concept that attempts to bring different stakeholders together for problem solving and decision making. Participation occurs as a community organizes itself and takes responsibility for managing its problems which entails identifying the problems, developing actions, putting them into place,…


Importance of Participation in Developing Communities

Participation ladder, according to Arnstein (1969) is how members of the society get to be involved in decision making as well as community projects ranging from high to low. The ladder is said to be the guide to see who has power when important decisions are being made. In her journal, Sherry R. Arnstein’s “A…



Community Development and Improving Quality of Life

Community development is a process where community members come together as a ream to generate solutions to common problems or developments that will improve their community. A community wellbeing often ecolves from small initiatives within a small group to large initiatives that involve an entire community. Community development is a grassroots process by which communities…




Community in High School

What is community? In the dictionary, it defines it as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” Community is truly a sense of belonging, finding a group of people where you can fit in. It could be anything like a church or your neighborhood and even…


High School

Radical Community Development

Introduction Radical community development and development from below aim to alter and uplift persons, alliances and their communities to defiance the system’s alignment that show unjust management hold up within the society. during this essay i will be able to be discussing however the ideas of radical practices and development from below ar necessary for…



Community of Practice

Before analyzing how community of practice works, I would like to define some key terms. According to Cambridge dictionary, community is defined as “a group of people with a shared set of activities, practices, beliefs and social structure”. In addition, speech community is often understood as community in which the members of the community share…



The Glebe Community Development Project

The Glebe Community Development Project is an Australian initiative based, which was started in 2004 through a cooperation between Housing NSW and the University of Sydney (University of Sydney, 2019). The aim of the project is to outline, assess and enhance community-based initiatives in public-housing communities. The project was setup for the residents to work…



Importance of Accountant Community

Introduction The essential points regarding race, language, economic interests, religion, and culture are the landmarks of any community and societal inquiry. These factors instigate and influence constant discourses of numerous historian scholars in many community spheres, including economics, religion, accounting, politics, and ideology. They also provide essential information about how capitalists, ethnics, the state and…



Community Development

Community development is enhancement of the less developed communities. A community can be a setting of people or the close proximity of people or a community can be the collection of people or individuals that share or have interest or tie. (Philips and Pittman, 2015: 1) states that “community development have many definitions and it…



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