National Identity and Language Role in It

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Why is national identity important? Having a sense of identity is necessary because it allows people to stand out as individuals, develop a sense of well-being and importance, and fit in with various groups and cultures. Many cultures and societies place great value and significance on specific items, which hold symbolic meaning and gain respect from citizens. National flags, for instance, have distinct colors and patterns and symbolize past achievements familiar to citizens. It so happens that sometimes people have to move and settle into a different country and have to adopt a different national identity. This poses many challenges, like understanding a new language, finding employment, and transportation.

Learning to communicate a different language is one problem for people when they have just stepped into an unfamiliar country. Being able to communicate (or not) affects every area of life in which they have to interact with others. We know other countries for speaking various languages and if you move to a place; you have a tough time communicating in you may feel you do not belong in that community. Once you pick up their language, you will have an identity in that country because you can communicate like anybody.

Employment kind of ties into understanding the language as well if you cannot communicate then you will have a rough time getting a job unless you learn their language. Access to transportation can be essential in it will make access to employment far easier. One may face particular problems in this respect on two levels. First, they may not recognize your driver’s license in your new country, which means there may be expenses that you will have to pay. Second, that language barrier can, again, make an understanding or even finding useful local public transit services a hard task. It is important to adopt a new national identity if you were to move because now you are part of a new country.

Speak your new language having your own job driving yourself places gives you independents and identity in your country because you now live a life like everyone in that country. It is not as easy as we think when people are in a new country. They may face language, transportation, or socialization difficulties. There are manners that can make us easier to live in another country, such as if you could speak their language. This may reduce the difficulties if you were to move to another country.

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