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The Fallacies of Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy, by definition, is the attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation from being homosexual to heterosexual. Conversion therapy usually stems from a religious foundation and is rooted in the belief that having same-sex attraction is abnormal, mentally sick, and a sin. This practice of altering sexual attraction has been around in the US for…



Human Sexuality

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Homosexuality in India

Introduction The institution of marriage is generally extended to the institution between male and female relationships but most marriage statutes also consider gender neutrality. Where as, many examples of acceptance of homosexual marriages has only been recently forthcoming as society is gradually becoming more bend towards the acceptance of marriage. This change has been reflected…


Indian Culture,


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The History of Homosexuality: A Russian Case Study

Introduction A man in Volgograd celebrates Russian Victory Day with two close friends, drinking a few beers. At 23 years old, he has hidden his identity for most of his life; tonight, he has finally built up the courage to come out to his friends as gay. Instead of giving him words of affirmation or…


Human Sexuality

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Is Homosexuality A Choice or Are You Born Gay

Homosexuality is being attracted to one’s own sex. It’s not completely known why someone might be lesbian, gay, straight, or bisexual. But research shows that sexual orientation is likely caused partly by biological factors that start before birth. Homosexuality in today’s society is seen as a choice, but it is actually a trait you develop…



Human Sexuality

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Male Homosexuality in TV Shows

For many years people across the world have been concerned with the issue of homosexuality. Therefore, many scholars have been involved in researching, compiling, and presenting information that surrounds the issue of gay men. While many biologists and proponents of sexual identity have distanced homosexuality from genetics, many have found a close association of the…



Human Sexuality

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Reform of Paragraph 175: Illegal Male Homosexuality

Introduction In the spring of 1958, in Passau Germany, a group of officials gathered to deliberate and discuss homosexuality, the laws of West Germany and the reformation of several provisions. These individuals were members of a commission that was appointed by the West German Ministry of Justice. Their main purpose was to offer legal advice…


Human Sexuality

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Can Homosexuality be Biologically Based?

In recent years, same-sex sexual orientation has become more acceptable by society and has become one of the most discussed topic on human behavior. It has become so widely acceptable, that other forms of sexuality have become apparent. Heterosexual behavior has not been questioned, but the behavior of being attracted to the same sex has…


Human Sexuality

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Homosexuality and the Churches

Until the latter half of the twentieth century, the American churches gave little public attention to the phenomenon of sexual attraction and sexual behavior between members of the same sex. The traditional view of most ecclesiastical bodies condemned homosexuality, finding justification for the condemnation in natural law and in such biblical texts as Genesis 19:4–11;…


Human Sexuality,


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Bathhouses and Homosexuality

The U.S has come a long way from the days in which homosexuality was, more or less, a societal taboo. Presently, homosexual marriage is legal across the nation and gay pride flags are in numerous cities. This progress displays how the movements by homosexuals have shifted public opinion. As these movements were occurring, a major…



Human Sexuality

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Homosexuality is Determined by Genetics

Being a gay male and hearing people say ‘homosexuality is unnatural’ I wondered if it was, why wasn’t it has been eliminated from the gene pool? Why would we still have homosexual characters among all species and primates? If we still have homosexual characters then there must be some helpful purpose. Well there is and…




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